Today (November 30th, 2021) is the last day of November, meaning that December will be upon us tomorrow, as will the festive season. Christmas markets will open up, carols will be sung, and decorations will be hung (if you haven’t done so already!); but what does it mean to dream about some of December’s most joyful things? 

The Christmas season is almost here! / Picture Credit: Unsplash

The Christmas season is almost here! / Picture Credit: Unsplash


If you are dreaming about Christmas, this is a symbol of prosperity. Peace and harmony will be present within your waking life, especially in relation to your family. 

You and your family are more likely to understand one another, and will hold out your hands in order to offer help. Your home will be a calm, relaxing oasis away from any problems that seem to be snapping at your heels. 

No matter how low your mood may get, your home will still be your safe space; your family will also always be there to back you up. 

Christmas candles 

If you see a candle in your dream that is usually lit on Christmas, this can infer that you still don’t know yourself all that well. 

You may come to see that you have begun acting differently in some situations, you may be looking further into what interests you and what doesn’t, what kind of people you wish to see yourself around, and so on. 

Despite your experience and research into who you are, you still have a way to go; this can be a very exciting journey! 

'It's the most wonderful time of the year..' / Picture Credit: Unsplash
'It's the most wonderful time of the year..' / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Christmas cake 

Seeing a Christmas cake within your dream can be highly prosperous. It may signify that you will become rich in the not-too-distant future. 

It is entirely possible that you may come into a large sum of money, thanks to chance alone. While you may not get this fortune from your job, you will appreciate it nonetheless. 

This dream can infer that you will pay off any debts, and have enough money left to enjoy and treat yourself, and others, for a while. 

Christmas carols 

If you are dreaming of Christmas carols, it can mean that a current issue that is distressing you will most likely be solved on its own. While that may not seem believable, you will not have to lift a finger for this problem to dissipate. 

This dream, if anything, symbolises luck, as your biggest problem will likely fade away. However, this does not mean you should turn your attention away from the matter. 

Christmas presents 

Simply seeing Christmas presents within your dream can mean that you will soon make someone very happy. You may begin to save money to surprise someone, or surprise them with a day out, or another wonderful activity. 

If the presents you are dreaming of are being given to you, then you should expect to hear some good news very soon. This news could relate to either your baby if you have one, and if you don’t, then it is likely it is related to someone’s baby that you know well. 

It could also be news regarding a wedding, or similar event, any of which are likely to make you happy. 

Decorating the tree can be the best part of setting up for Christmas! / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Decorating the tree can be the best part of setting up for Christmas! / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Christmas breakfast 

Dreaming of this fun, festive celebratory meal that you spend with family and friends can suggest that you lack warmth or even happiness in your own home, or perhaps you feel a sense of nostalgia for your childhood. 

This meaning may seem a little negative, but it is simply suggesting that perhaps you need to spend more time with those you love; it may not go amiss to reorganise your home in order to create a more calming and warmer atmosphere for yourself. 

Decorating a Christmas tree 

If you dream of the wholesome event of decorating a Christmas tree, then good and beautiful moments with your family are to come. You will all have the time to sit around the tree together and enjoy the simplicity of decorating it together. 

You will realise how lucky you are to be surrounded by those you love, and those who love you back; it truly is a wonderful thing, to have a loving family by your side.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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