Towards the end of each year, snow begins to appear and the months grow colder. Today (November 27th, 2021), many UK residents woke up to the image of snow on their doorsteps and spread across fields. 

Winter is just around the corner... / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Winter is just around the corner... / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Since snowfall seems more likely to occur, here are some dreams that you can have about snow, and what they could mean. 

If you dream about a snowstorm, this is a rather powerful symbol within your dream. This can represent difficult, hopeless and even loveless times within your waking life. Perhaps it is time to give yourself a break if you are feeling down and, like if you were in a snowstorm, cannot see very far in front of you. 

Just as you would in this dream scenario, your reality should now be focused on finding shelter for yourself; try to seek solace in the arms of friends, family or your partner before you brave more difficult aspects of your life. 

Snow is creeping in... / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Snow is creeping in... / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Dreaming about walking or driving through snow can suggest that you should be extra cautious in your life at the moment, just as you would be if you were driving through thick snow. 

You should try to move more slowly, and think about every move you make in regard to larger life decisions; look out for things, or even people, that may be out to sabotage you. 

If the snow within this dream is falling rather heavily, this can infer that certain factors may blind you when you are making choices. This is a sign to take a moment and really look at the steps ahead of you in order to assess your surroundings and make the best, most thoughtful choice. 

If you find yourself eating snow within a dream, this can be a reflection of your mind’s inner display of youth. It could mean that you wish to be more pure or innocent, perhaps in relation to your thoughts. 

You are likely to rid yourself of issues more easily if you listen to the meaning of this dream and relax. 

Dreaming of a snow avalanche, which is a deadly force in and of itself, can be triggered by your own aggressive nature. This kind of dream can mean that you need to be on the lookout for your own destructive behaviour, whether in relation to you or others. 

Snow can be such a beautiful sight... / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Snow can be such a beautiful sight... / Picture Credit: Unsplash

An avalanche can also be a violent attempt at potentially covering up past blunders; if you have had some major events happen recently, perhaps you wish to leave them in the past. However, this can cause more harm than good, so maybe looking into them a little can help.

If you dream about being buried in snow, you should consider if you can get yourself out of the weighty cold blanket, or if it traps you completely. This dream can be a sign of feeling literally snowed under, and is inferring that you may be rather stressed in you waking life. 

The best way to combat this feeling, is to make a list of all your duties and tasks, and if it seems too much, consider breaking this list into smaller parts; start with the hardest thing first, and it can only go uphill from there.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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