Halloween is, for many, one of the best times of the year. There’s plenty of horror movies to enjoy, creepy decorations to hang, and many other thrilling activities to take part in. Dreaming about Halloween-y things, such as ghosts, may not be a bad thing, but rather a wake up call.

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Here are seven potential dreams about spectral beings you can have, and what they can mean.

A ghost attacking you

Getting attacked by a ghost in a dream can simply mean that you are being overpowered by situations or people in your waking life. If you are a little sensitive, then negative comments will affect you more than others. Instead, try to think about you can turn negatives into something positive.

If you feel out of control in reality, this is likely to manifest itself in your dreams. Change can be scary, which can leave you feeling defeated, a little like in your dream.

A ghost attacking you in your dream is a reflection on you, suggesting that you may feel vulnerable at this time. You should try to focus on what makes you strong, and what you’re capable of; banishing fears and negativity from your thoughts will be freeing, and pave the way for you to tackle any issues with bravery.

Being stalked or haunted by a ghost

If you dream of being followed by a ghost, it can suggest that you refuse to deal with past issues that are affecting your life in the present. You could very well be tangled up in your past, and it is best to try to make peace with you past in order to enjoy the present and the future.

Unless you confront a past issue (or issues), it is likely that this dream will continue. You need to fight against this dream or you may always feel like looking over your shoulder.

Additionally, being stalked by a ghost in your dream can signify Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). But don’t worry! Try to identify what could be causing your haunting, and if a stressful event comes to mind, try speaking to loved ones or professionals to guide you through your issues.

Being strangled by a ghost

Dreaming of a spirit strangling you is likely to mean that something is stopping you from fully being yourself. Maybe your home life makes it hard to express yourself, or someone at work is particularly judgemental; the best way to fight this is to power through and be yourself anyway, and try to love who you are.

This dream may also mean that something is preventing you from moving on in your life. Perhaps you wish to make a big change, but someone or something is (unknowingly) stopping you.

Unless you face the thing stopping you head-on (maybe a family member or friend, for example), you will likely lose your nerve, and your chance to do what you want to do may never come back.

A ghost in your home

If you have dreamt about a ghost within your home, that suggests that you’re experiencing some inner disorder. You may feel that your personal life is out of order, or an imbalance with how you see yourself.

If you see good spirits in you house within your dreams, this can suggest that happiness and good fortunes are heading your way. However, if you dream of sinister-feeling ghosts, it means that a difficult challenge may lie ahead; if so, do your best to manifest positivity and prepare for any hardship.

Picture Credit: Unsplash
Picture Credit: Unsplash

An evil ghost/spirit paralysing you

If you have been dreaming about being paralysed in your dreams by an evil spirit or ghost, there is a high chance that you are actually experiencing sleep paralysis.

This can be rather scary, especially the first time. Sleep paralysis means you cannot speak or move when falling asleep or waking up.

Dreaming of a somewhat creepy presence leering over you, and not being able to do anything about it, is more common than you might think. A useful way to perhaps ease this situation is to make and stick to a bedtime routine.

Making healthy habits before sleep can help you feel more in control, hopefully lessening or stopping these dreams. The best way to fully combat sleep paralysis is to seek medical attention; while you can try to beat it on your own, it will definitely benefit you to speak to a professional.

A ghost speaking to you

Dreaming of a ghost speaking with you can mean you have unresolved problems with someone from your past.

This can be anyone from a family member, friend or an ex-lover, or someone you have simply cut ties with. You should take some time to evaluate that relationship, and try to figure out whether you had closer or not.

This dream can be your subconscious trying to tell you something. It could be attempting to give you advice on a current issue, or to reason with you.

Dreaming of ghosts talking to you can also be a result of you missing a loved one that has passed away, someone you miss speaking with. If someone close to you had died recently (or at all within your life), then perhaps talking to a living friend or family member about this person can relieve some of the pain you feel from missing those who have departed.

Becoming a ghost

If you dream about becoming a ghost, this can infer feelings of guilt and even fear regarding something from your past. This could be something you have done and regret, an old habit, or something else entirely.

This dream is a sign that you must pay attention to your inner thoughts; you are being challenged to look deeper into yourself and confront your emotions. You need to face your feelings, especially if they are negative ones such as anxiety, guilty or sadness.

If you have thoughts about death or dying often, then this is perhaps why ghosts have found their way into your dreams. You need to try to think about what you have in your waking life, and try to learn to be happy with the life you have to avoid spirits taking up your headspace.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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