If you dream about insurance- perhaps you are worried about embarrassing yourself by being ill prepared for something.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Do you think you need a back up plan in your waking hours? It’s possible you don’t place a lot of faith in something as it is and having something in reserve makes you feel better about things.

Perhaps you operate on a ‘just in case’ mindset and prefer to have alternatives in life for if the worst were to happen.

The dream could be telling you to be less careless and to take more responsibility for yourself and others.

More negatively, the dream could reflect how you use others in your life. Perhaps you rely too much on other people to make you feel secure and you need to learn how to do this for yourself.

It’s possible you view someone in your life as a safety net and you need to depend on them less because the relationship is becoming unhealthy.

If you were doing something to get an insurance pay out like burning down a house- you may feel that you have exhausted all your other options and you are in a desperate situation. Your subconscious could be telling you to find another way out.

One thought is that you need to create a disaster or crisis to prevent yourself from having something to do something you don’t want to. Perhaps you want something to go in your favour, but you feel the only way this will happen is to instigate chaos.

Are you giving up your freedom or your power for the sake of perceived security? If so, perhaps there is an alternative.

The simplest interpretation could be that you still need to get or have just organised insurance for a car or house and it’s on your mind at present.

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While this may not necessarily refer to a dog, even if you were taking one to the pound, the dream could represent something you are ready to part with or that you no longer see as having any value in your life. To pound (hit or beat) something in your dream could mean you have some pent up frustrations that you need to get out of your system. While hitting whatever it was in your dream might not be the solution, perhaps it was urging you to find a safer way to release these emotions in your waking hours. To feel or hear your heart pounding implies that you are nervous about something or someone- consider who else was with you in the dream for additional meaning...

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