To dream about oatmeal or porridge suggests that you are about to enter into some situations that will make you feel down to earth or more grounded than you are.

Credit: News Agency/PA Images

Credit: News Agency/PA Images

Perhaps the dream is telling you that you need a dose of something to bring you back down to earth if your ideas about yourself and what you do have been a bit lofty lately.

Perhaps you are someone who’s already realistic about life and are looking forward to an event or situation where you will be able to go back to basics. The dream could reflect your excitement for something happening in the near future that represents a the simplicity of the activity.

Along the same vein- the dream might be a sign that you need to simplify some area of your life. Think about the different areas of your world and consider what might benefit from a more stripped back approach.

Have you been humbled by something or someone lately? Perhaps this happened at a time when you least expected it and so it’s playing on your mind.

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On the flipside, porridge or oatmeal might be a sign that you have lost some power of late and feel ashamed or embarrassed about this loss of control.

Do you feel that your life or station has been reduced somehow?

Perhaps you are having to enter into conversations and interactions that you didn’t have to before.

Maybe you are having to put on a brave face during these meetings because you don’t want to be there. It’s possible you have never had to do this before and you are going through a period of adjustment and acceptance as a result.

Has your status changed at work or in society recently? Perhaps you are having a hard time swallowing this fact.

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A spoiled or rotten apple could mean that you have missed an opportunity to do something. The dream could be telling you to seize opportunities as they happen rather than letting them pass you by. If you dream of applesauce, this might reflect your simple tastes. It could also be telling you that you’re not taking the time to fully digest something- you are trying to hurry something along and want immediate results. Consider the colour of the apple in your dream- red apples are often synonymous with romance and sexual desire. If you are single- there may be a new lover on the horizon or if you are attached- you might feel happier in your relationship- emotionally or sexually.

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