Oats are of course suitable for human consumption but they are often given as feed to livestock too so if you dream about them, perhaps you feel you are being given something that was intended for someone else. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

It’s possible that you feel you deserve more than you are getting right now and that someone in your life isn’t treating you with the respect you believe you deserve. 

Oats are generally a cheaper cereal option, so maybe you are struggling financially and buying oats in a dream is a sign that you are cutting back on your expenses in your waking hours. 

On the other hand, maybe your spending has gotten out of control and you need to make some changes before things get any worse. 

Loose oats that have spilled on the floor could imply a mess in your life that you are struggling to tidy up or fix. Did you manage to pick up all the oats or were there some left? If so, you may not have been as thorough as you should have when clearing away this issue. If you were happy to leave the oats where they didn’t belong- are you allowing someone else to do your dirty work for you?

Consider the phrase ‘sowing your oats’ does this have a resonance with you? Do you have many sexual partners but feel unfulfilled by all of them? If so, it might be wise to seek out someone who is looking for something more long term, rather than a temporary satisfaction. 

On the other hand, is there someone in your life you are worried about because they give themselves so freely to others? If so, it might be time to talk to them and warn them that their actions might be putting them in harm’s way. 

Oats are a versatile food- they can be made into porridge or oatmeal, used as toppings on crumbles or roasted for granola to name a few uses, so to dream of them suggests that you need to think outside the box and do more than what is expected of you or something other than the obvious. 

Consider what oats mean to you in your waking life- do they form a healthy breakfast for you and your family? Are they something you avoid because you don’t like them? Are you allergic to them? 

Your relationship with this food is important for additional meaning in your dream. If you can’t eat them for health reasons, perhaps you need to take a closer look at what you are putting inside your body. The dream could be telling you that you are effectively poisoning yourself with something you are eating or you are at least worried about the effects of your consumption. 

If it is something you eat daily, it could mean that you are in a rut and need to change things up in your life to make it exciting again. 

Alternatively, if you can’t abide the taste and or texture of them, perhaps someone is doing something that is repugnant in your waking hours and you need to address it with them. 

Are you acting against your own moral code? If so- do you need to take the opportunity to really look at the person you want to be and the person you currently are? If the two don’t align, what behaviours need to change?

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