To dream of pneumonia means you fear losing something in your waking hours if you don’t tread carefully.

Dreams on Female First

Dreams on Female First

Think about the things you worry about losing in your life- a relationship, a job, a friendship, your health, your family- whatever it may be- are you risking this or them for the sake of something or someone else? Perhaps the thought has crossed your mind and the dream is telling you to think carefully about your next move.

The dream could be urging you to take some well needed time out before things get really serious. Failure might be on the cards if you don’t allow yourself the time to rest.

Perhaps you are frustrated at having to take things easy right now until you know it’s safe to proceed. You may be eager to progress with something, but the conditions are not currently right to do so.

It’s possible you feel you need some breathing room in some area of your life. Think about the things or the people who might be stifling you at present and try to create some distance to give you the space you require at this time.

Are you filling your life with things that can do you harm? Think about what you fill your time in with- do you have any bad habits or behaviours that are displacing the good ones? It might be time to make a change.

You may be suffering from chest problems at present, which is why this is on your mind before you go to sleep. Perhaps you need to get checked out by a professional or maybe you already have been but could be taking better care of yourself.

Similarly- someone close to you may be struggling with their breathing and your concerns for them are filtering through into your dreamscape.

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