Between October 23rd and November 22nd signifies the time in which people are born under the star sign Scorpio. This star sign tends to be determined, loyal, honest and resentful, so getting on their good side can be a blessing; but being on their bad side is never a good thing. 

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Seeing as though we are in the month of November, it only seemed right to take a look at some dreams that focus on the animal that represents all Scorpios, the scorpion. Here are seven potential dreams you can have that involve these invertebrates, and what they can mean. 

Black scorpions 

In general, dreams about scorpions can be warning signs for the dreamer, and a dream about a black scorpion is no exception. 

Seeing a black scorpion in your dream is an indicator of fear and aggression and, unfortunately, you may encounter serious struggles in your near future. This may be your chance to try and manifest some positivity and try to be prepared for difficulties once they come your way. 

While this dream may signify failure in your waking life, this is no reason to panic as this will not last long. You can escape this feeling by making better life choices and try to stay on the right path. 

A scorpion in your bed 

If you dream about a scorpion being in your bed, it may signify betrayal and enemies in general. If the creature is in your bed, it suggests that you may be betrayed by someone living either with you or near you. 

Your enemy may be close to you at this time, but you are unlikely to know who this is. This dream is a sign for you to be wary of those around you; perhaps keep an eye on the people close to you, if only for peace of mind. 

Picture Credit: Unsplash
Picture Credit: Unsplash

Stung by a scorpion 

Dreaming about getting stung by a scorpion is never good news. It can mean that you will face struggles and issues at home, in your career or at school (if you attend), or even in your relationships. 

Your enemies are likely to be successful in hindering you, and you may even have health issues that can lead to death if not treated (however this is a rather extreme interpretation).

On the other hand, if the scorpion stung itself, then it can mean that you are being too hard on yourself; try to list your successes and accomplishments in order to realise how hard you are working. 

Scorpions in the sand 

Having dreams of scorpions in the sand can mean that someone is yearning for your presence; it seems that someone needs you at their side and misses you intensely. Now is the perfect time to reconnect with your family, friends both old and new, and your partner. 

This dream can also infer that you have opened your eyes and are able to detect any false friends. Your mind may seem more open to the true intentions or behaviours of those around you; you are likely to be aware of people you can and cannot trust. 

Killing a scorpion 

Dreams of killing a scorpion are very powerful, and carry positive signs for the dreamer. Killing a scorpion in a dream means that success will always have a place in your waking life; this is a great time to take action and try new things as there is a very high chance that risks you take will pay off. 

If you have killed a scorpion in your dream, it suggests that you have defeated an enemy of yours in your waking life. Dreams such as this one infer that any enemies have failed in taking you down. This dream can also be trying to warn you of a forthcoming betrayal. 

Picture Credit: Unsplash
Picture Credit: Unsplash

Red scorpions 

A red scorpion in your dream can represent your passion and desire in your waking life. Its interpretation can depend on the feelings you have while dreaming. 

If you feel enthusiasm towards the red scorpion within your dream, it signifies that you will feel joy and happiness when you accomplish things you set your mind to. 

Dead scorpions 

If you dream of deceased scorpions then this is actually a good sign. This dream can signify the start of a very positive period, one filled with relaxation and enjoyment. You are highly likely to overcome any pain and struggles that you suffer with in your waking life. 

Opportunities that you have been longing for will finally be open to you; you must make sure you are alert and ready, however, or these chances will pass you by.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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