If you dream of playing Scrabble, it’s possible you are struggling to complete something in your waking hours. 

Indiapicture / Alamy Stock Photo

Indiapicture / Alamy Stock Photo

It may be taking you longer to reach the end of something than you originally thought it would. 

Scrabble in a dream can also refer to competition. 

Consider who was in the dream with you, perhaps you are actively competing with this person right now. 

It could be someone you are competing against for a job, or a perceived rivalry with a sibling or friend. 

If it is the latter, the dream could be telling you to concentrate on your own successes rather than comparing yourself to others and trying to keep up with those around you. 

If you were struggling to agree with this person on a word you or they were placing on the board, perhaps you have differences in real life. 

It may be time to air these grievances and to try and agree to disagree or to come to some sort of compromise.  

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Consider the words you were putting down on the board for greater understanding. 

The dream could be a pun for being bored. Perhaps you are feeling restless and don’t know where to start or what to do lately to entertain yourself. 

Do you need to start a new hobby? Or tackle some area of your life that has become disordered? It’s possible that you need to try something new to give your leisure time a boost. 

The simplest interpretation of all is that you could try playing board games with your loved ones as a new means of passing the time. 

Playing Scrabble, or any board game for that matter, suggests that you or someone is game playing in your life at present.

If it’s you, perhaps you need to take things more seriously and recognise a situation for what it is. If it is someone else, do you need to tell them that now is not the time to be silly? 

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