Dreams can be wonderful things, depending on what you dream about, of course. Stars are one of nature’s most beautiful creations, but what does it mean when you dream about them? 

Stars can mean many wonderful things are heading your way / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Stars can mean many wonderful things are heading your way / Picture Credit: Unsplash


Dreaming of a constellation or two suggests that you have the ability to make the best choices, no matter how hard the situation is that you are faced with. 

You know how to connect with other people, but also with yourself; this makes you a rather calm, composed and relaxed person. Adversity doesn’t seem to affect you too much, paving the way for positivity. 

Constellations within your dream are usually a sign that something amazing may happen in your waking life, especially if you’re working towards something significant. 

Stars falling from the sky 

If you dream of a falling star, then sadly this may not be good news for you. 

You could experience a crisis or negative situation that will impact you greatly. These potential events may either strengthen you resolve or break you apart; so, always try to be ready for adversity, but do not let it cloud your mind. 

This dream could also mean that you believe that time is passing too quickly, and that you feel you aren’t in complete control of your life. Try to take the smaller aspects of your life and organise them, giving you back your feeling of control. 

Shooting stars 

Dreams of shooting stars are typically positive, as they can infer that you are on the right path to achieving your dreams and/or desires in life. 

However, a shooting star in your dream could be a sign that a significant phase in your life is ending; this could be the end of school/higher education year, a project you’ve been working on, or even the end of a career. 

The end of something isn’t always a bad thing, don’t forget, as the end of one job could mean a better, higher paid career is just around the corner. 

Dreams of stars are beautiful / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Dreams of stars are beautiful / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Twinkling stars 

Surprisingly, if your dream consists of twinkling stars, this can have both positive and negative connotations. 

On the not-too-positive side, this dream can symbolise feelings of grief, sorrow or loss; this does not mean that you will lose a loved one (so don’t worry!), but it can suggest a family, work or relationship altercation is on its way. 

On the other hand, twinkling stars can suggest that your hopes and desires will come true very, very soon; this will allow you to enjoy all the goodness of life. 

Stars in the daytime 

Dreaming of the beauty of stars during the daytime is a very good sign! 

This dream represents the optimistic, hopeful person that you are. You are likely to be someone that sees the love and beauty in everything, no matter how grey things seem. 

Due to your wonderful outlook on life, you have doors open for you that will allow you to meet people who will greatly influence your life. 

Catching stars 

If you dream of catching stars within your dream, then this is a wonderful sign! 

Stars caught (by hand) infer that an inheritance or great fortune will befall you. Your future will be as bright as the stars you caught, and you are less likely to come across the type of adversity that will hinder your success. 

Be sure to be grateful for this, however, as fortune can sometimes lead people to forget their roots, and who matters to them. 

Stars in the sky are a beautiful sight / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Stars in the sky are a beautiful sight / Picture Credit: Unsplash


Watching the stars up above within your dream can infer wonderful achievements that you may accomplish in your waking life. 

The way the sky looks in the dream determines the meaning; so, if the sky is cloudy and starry, it may be suggesting sorrow and bring about challenges. 

However, if the sky is clear and filled with stars, then happiness, luck and good fortune are on their way. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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