Continuum Season 1 DVD

Continuum Season 1 DVD

Step into the shoes of a police officer from the future, in the Vancouver of today, with futuristic thriller series Continuum Season 1. Following the show’s broadcast on the SyFy Channel, Season 1 will be released on DVD on 28th January 2013 by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Continuum stars Rachel Nichols (Star Trek, Alex Cross) as Kiera Cameron, a high tech police ‘protector’ from the year 2077 who has helped to capture and incarcerate a group of fanatical terrorists.

Justice is not served, however, as on the day of their planned execution the group escapes by vaulting back through time to 2012, inadvertently sweeping Kiera along with them.

Trapped and desperate to get back to her own time, Kiera must stop the terrorists before they bring the war of the future to the Vancouver of our present and change the course of history forever.

With the unexpected help of a young tech genius Alec Sadler (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), she infiltrates the local police department who are starting to feel the effects of a technologically advanced new terrorist cell in their midst...

With an ensemble cast including Lexa Doig (V), Victor Webster (Castle, White Collar), Jennifer Spence (SGU: Stargate Universe) and Tony Amendola (Dexter, Stargate SG-1), Continuum Season 1 is a police procedural like you’ve never seen before. One of the SyFy Channel’s most successful series to date, Season 2 is due to air in late 2013.

Is Continuum in your future? Find out with Season 1 on DVD from 28th January.

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