Vanishing On 7th Street

Vanishing On 7th Street

Momentum Pictures taps into one of our most primal anxieties - a fear of the dark, with the 20 February 2012 DVD release of the intense and nail-biting thriller Vanishing On 7th Street.

When Detroit is suddenly plunged into darkness, airplanes crash to earth, vehicles and anything electrical ceases to work and the sun rises to reveal only a handful of survivors battling to stay in the light. 

From the producers of Casino Royale and director Brad Anderson (The Machinist, Transsiberian), Vanishing On 7th Street fuses apocalyptic thriller and horror together to bring us one of winter’s most haunting and genuinely scary films.

This race to stay in the light stars an award-winning cast in Golden Globe® nominee Hayden Christensen (Star Wars: Episodes I-III, Jumper), Emmy® Award winner John Leguizamo (Moulin Rouge!, Carlito’s Way, Romeo + Juliet, Ice Age), BAFTA® Award winner Thandie Newton (Mission Impossible II, 2012, Crash) and up-and-coming teenage R&B sensation Jacob Latimore (One Tree Hill), as the handful of survivors.

A disparate group of individuals find themselves alone; the entire city’s population has vanished into thin air, leaving behind heaps of empty clothes, abandoned cars and lengthening shadows.

Soon the daylight begins to disappear completely.  As the survivors gather in an abandoned tavern they realise darkness is out to descend. But as their light fades, how long can they survive before the shadows devour them?

Vanishing On 7th Street combines the old-age phobia of the dark with a striking cinematic experience. Director Anderson skillfully executes this subtly disturbing film to target our dread of what happens when the light goes out...