Good Vibrations DVD

Good Vibrations DVD

Since the age of five Terri Hooley has had only one eye. He has never seen things as others see them. Terri is a radical, rebel and real believer in the revolutionary power of the seven-inch single. Music can bring people together. The right music: his music.

Starring Richard Dormer, Jodie Whittaker and Dylan Moran, the home-grown Good Vibrations is released on Blu-ray and DVD on 5 August from Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd.

As a music-lover in 1970s Belfast, Terri Hooley (Dormer; Game of Thrones) witnesses as the bloody conflict known as the Troubles shuts down his city.

As all his friends take sides and take up arms, Terri opens a record shop on the most bombed half-mile in Europe and calls it Good Vibrations. Through it he discovers a compelling voice of resistance in the city’s nascent underground punk scene.

Good Vibrations: first a record shop, then a label, always a way of life. But from the outset it is assailed from all sides: by the cops, by Terri’s own inbuilt urge to self-destruct and even, when the Undertones wander into the picture, by the prospect of the Big Time.

But Terri rejects success on anyone else's terms. As ever, he looks at things in his own way. At a fundraising concert at the Ulster Hall, the crowds turn out, but will it be enough to keep the shop open? For Terri that night, saving the shop is less the point than saving the city.

Galvanising the young musicians into action, he becomes the unlikely leader of a motley band of kids and punks who join him in his mission to create a new community, an Alternative Ulster, to bring his city back to life.

A critically acclaimed ‘must-see’ instant classic featuring an incredible soundtrack, don’t miss the chance to get your teenage kicks when Good Vibrations is released on Blu-ray and DVD on 5 August 2013 from Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd.