The Family DVD

The Family DVD

Written and directed by BAFTA® winner Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Taxi, Taken) and produced by Oscar® winner Martin Scorsese (Shutter Island, The Departed, Hugo).

This action filled thriller is about a life of organised crime and looking out for your own. Make sure you pick a side as The Family explodes onto Blu-ray, DVD and on demand on 31 March 2014.

The Family stars a line up of Hollywood heavyweights including: Academy award® winner Robert DeNiro (Silver Linings Playbook, Meet The Fockers, Taxi) as tough and fiery family man Fred Blake; Academy award® winner Tommy Lee Jones (Lincoln, No Country for Old Men, Hope Springs) as CIA Agent Robert Stansfield; Academy award® nominee Michelle Pfeiffer (Scarface, Dark Shadows, Stardust) as wife and firecracker Maggie Blake; Dianna Agron (Glee) as All-American Belle Blake; and John D’Leo (The Wrestler) as wise guy Warren Blake.

A mafia boss and his family are relocated to a sleepy town in France under the Witness Protection Program after breaking the sacred code and snitching on the his crew.

However, despite Agent Stansfield’s (Jones) best efforts to keep them in line, Fred Blake (DeNiro), his wife Maggie (Pfeiffer) and their children can’t help but resort to old habits by handling all their problems the 'family' way.

But the Mob doesn’t forget and, as his old crew closes in on their location, chaos ensues and old scores are settled as Fred is caught in the middle of a life-or-death showdown between his two families.

This journey of a close-knit clan trying to start over proves that sometimes old habits die hard, as The Family arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and on demand on 31 March 2014.