The Hunt DVD

The Hunt DVD

The Hunt, one of last year’s most powerful, relevant and thought provoking films comes to Blu-ray and DVD on 25th March, 2013, courtesy of Arrow Films.

Following a tough divorce, 40-year-old Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen - Casino Royale, Clash of the Titans) is just starting to pull his life back together again.

He has a new girlfriend, a new job, and is in the process of re-establishing his relationship with his teenage son Marcus. But when a little girl at the nursery where he works tells a random lie that is impossible to ignore, Marcus’ world begins to fall apart.

The allegation spreads like a virus, quickly acquiring a veneer of truth the more it is told. As shock turns to mistrust and then malice, it doesn’t take long before the local community is in a collective state of hysteria, igniting a witch-hunt that threatens to destroy an innocent man’s life.

This commanding Danish drama is directed by Thomas Vinterberg who was responsible for the brilliant Festen and who co-founded the Dogme 95 movement establishing rules for simplifying movie production.

The Hunt was first screened at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival before going on to Cannes where it arrived to a fanfare of critical acclaim.

Mads Mikkelsen was awarded Best Actor at Cannes for his career-defining, poignant performance as Lucas, with the film also picking up the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (Thomas Vinterberg) and the Vulcain Prize for the Technical Artist (to Director of Photography, Charlotte Bruus Christensen).

Since then, The Hunt has been nominated for a BAFTA Award (Best Film not in the English Language), as well as winning the British Independent Film Award for Best International Independent Film, with Mikkelsen also receiving a best actor nod from the 33rd Critics’ Circle Awards.

The film also features compelling performances from Alexandra Rapaport (The Crown Jewels), Thomas Bo Larsen (The Ambulance) and Lars Ranthe (A Funny Man).

Gripping, compelling and devastatingly dramatic The Hunt is one of the most searingly intelligent feature releases in recent years, asking uncomfortable questions that demand answers - of the cast, the talent behind the camera and ultimately of its audience.

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