Veep Season 1 DVD

Veep Season 1 DVD

What does the Vice President of the United States of America actually have to do besides the duties the President chooses to avoid? Find out when VEEP: The Complete First Season is released on Blu-ray and DVD on 3 June 2013 from HBO Home Entertainment.

Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld) in her recent Emmy® award-winning turn as Vice President Selina Meyer (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series), VEEP is an up close and politically (in)correct look at the daily successes and disappointments of being second in command.

VEEP follows former Senator Meyer and her staff as they attempt to make their mark without getting tripped up in the day-to-day political games that define life on Capitol Hill.

Meyer's inner circle includes her Chief of Staff Amy (Anna Chlumsky; My Girl, In The Loop), long time press spokesperson Mike McClintock (Matt Walsh; Ted, The Hangover), right hand and body man Gary (Tony Hale; Arrested Development, Stranger Than Fiction) and secretary Sue (Sufe Bradshaw; Star Trek, Dance Flick) - all of whom often do battle with ambitious interloper Dan Egan (Reid Scott; My Boys, Amusement) and smug White House liaison Jonah (Tim Simons; Days Together).

Created by BAFTA® award winning writer Armando Iannucci (The Thick of It, In the Loop), this eye-wateringly hilarious comedy is shot in an improvisational style giving a very candid look at what it's like to hold the least effectual post in the most powerful office in the world.

Get a dose of power when VEEP: The Complete First Season is released on Blu-ray and DVD on 3 June from HBO Home Entertainment.