Angels And Demons

Angels And Demons

Dan Brown has completed the third book in his Da Vinci Code trilogy - a month ahead of the release of movie prequel Angels & Demons.

The Lost Symbol is slated to hit bookstores in September (09) and is set to become one of the year's biggest sellers.

Sony Columbia Pictures movie executives are expected to snap up the rights to the book - and continue the saga's film franchise, in which Tom Hanks plays religious code breaker Robert Langdon.

The third book will have an initial print run of five million copies. The Da Vinci Code is the best-selling hardcover adult novel of all time.

The Da Vinci Code was Brown's fourth novel in 2003 and was a run away best seller topping the New York Times Best Seller list in it's first week.

In 2006 Tom Hanks took on the role of Robert Langdon in Ron Howard's adaptation of the book. Despite upsetting some religious groups the film was a box office smash grossing over $758 million.

Angels and Demons sees Hanks reprise the role of Langdon and the film is released 14th May

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