In a world where the act of getting a tattoo seems to be more of a fashion statement than diverse art, we decided to take a look at some of the celebrity ink we think should never have seen the light of day.

Lea Michele - ‘I Believe’ on her right wrist

Looking more like a club stamp that she’s forgotten to wash off from the night before than a legitimate tattoo, Lea should really have given this some more thought before sitting in the artist’s chair. The colour’s not great either, making the tattoo look green and infected rather than the turquoise we imagine she was going for. Lea has undergone tattoo removal surgery in the past, so we hope this one’s next on her list to banish forever.

Scarlett Johansson – ‘LUCKY YOU’ horseshoe on the right side of her torso

There are a few we could have gone for with Scarlett, but narrowly taking the cake as the worst of a bad bunch has to be her ‘LUCKY YOU’ horseshoe. The lines appear shaky and as a whole, it looks as if a child has gotten hold of a biro and carved the entire piece into her skin.  

Zayn Malik – ‘ZAP!’ on his right forearm

One Direction face a never-ending battle to stop being regarded as children and to be taken seriously as young adults paving their way in the music industry. It’s a mystery, then, that Zayn decided to get this comic-like and extravagant piece etched on to his arm.

Justin Bieber – Owl on his left forearm

“OWL symbolizes: Wise, Magestic and Powerful. Best tattoo ever”, Justin tweeted after revealing this tattoo, but we have to disagree. We can’t help but think that’s just an excuse, but say we’re willing to go with it – we still don’t think it’s the right move to make. The art isn’t actually too bad; it’s just the size and the location that leaves us puzzled.

Chris Brown – Woman’s beaten face on the right side of his neck

Never failing to amaze with his next shocking move is artist Chris Brown. With his murky past you’d think he wouldn’t go as far as doing something like this, but it certainly drummed up a lot of attention. If that was his intention, then he certainly got the job done.

Hayden Panettiere – ‘Vivere senza rimipianti’ on the left side of her back

It’s probably never a good idea to get a tattoo in another language, even more so when the tattoo you end up receiving is spelt incorrectly! ‘rimipianti’ should in fact read ‘rimpianti’ so that the tattoo would read, in Italian, ‘to live without regrets’. Hopefully it’ll be corrected in the future, because it’s quite a tasteful tat otherwise!

Ke$ha –‘SUCK IT!’ on the inside of her bottom lip

There are no words. The only good thing about this tattoo is the fact that it’s well hidden. We don’t know what quite possessed Ke$ha when she decided this was the way she wanted to go, but we wish the idea had never crossed her mind.

Mena Suvari – ‘WORD SOUND POWER’ on the top of her back

To be fair, it’s not as visually offensive as most of the others on this list, but the reasoning behind why she chose to get these three words will forever elude us. Being a model, designer and actress, perhaps ‘POSE ART SCRIPT’ would have been more fitting…

T-Pain - ‘YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIKE ME’ on his right arm

If the tattoo is talking about the artwork directly, we’re glad we’re not going to upset any feelings when placing it on this list. The ‘LIKE’ of the tattoo emulates the logo used on Facebook, and we fail to find any taste in it whatsoever. T-Pain may be feeling a little silly if and when Facebook goes in the same direction as MySpace.

Zac Efron – ‘YOLO’ on his right hand

More like yo-NO! The phase of ‘YOLO’, standing for ‘You Only Live Once’ only really lasted a few months, but clearly consumed the acting star who went on to get the phrase printed on his hand. We’re sure he’d shout the acronym at us for criticising.

Are there any celebrity tattoos you think we’ve missed off the list? Let us know who you think has made the biggest blunder in the comments section below, or tweet us at @FemaleFirst_UK

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