Whether you’ve just moved into your first home or you just want to add some new features to your household – here are 7 essential items that will instantly brighten up your living space.

Candles are simple home decoratives that will add style to your home

Candles are simple home decoratives that will add style to your home


They’re the most simplistic decorative pieces you can get for your home – and they also smell great!

Whether you buy cheap little tealights to place around your home, or go all out with a big Yankee Candle, candles instantly make a home look pretty and sophisticated.

Just remember to blow them out before you leave the house!

Framed photos

Framing photos of family, friends or pets is a great way to add a personal touch to your home – and remind yourself of all the great moments you’ve captured on camera.

On the wall or on top of the fireplace, framed photos add a touch of love and warmth to a home.


You don’t have to receive flowers to enjoy them! It’s time we all started treating ourselves to a bunch of lilies every now and again!

Placing a bunch of flowers in a vase on a windowsill will add brightness and colour to your home.


Cushions are a subtle (and very comfy) way to decorate a room. Placing cushions on your sofa or bed will not only make a room look and feel cosier, but if they match the colour scheme in the room, they’ll also brighten and enhance all the great features in your home.


The main purpose of a doormat is obviously for a guest to wipe their feet on before they enter your home. But if you pick the right one, they can also add love and decoration to your hallway.

Some have sweet welcoming messages on, others come in cool patterns. Make having a doormat work both for its main function and to add some of your personality to your home.


Dreamcatchers are said to catch any nightmares you may have in your sleep, protecting you from bad dreams. They’re also really cute as a decorative feature!

They come in many shapes, sizes, colours and styles – you’re bound to find one that looks great in your bedroom!


Having a clock in your house may seem like an obvious must-have, but it’s not just so you can tell the time.

Of course, that’s it’s main function and benefit – but picking a funky clock to go with your interior will tick the box to add a splash of personality.

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