Achieving your goal of a meaningful existence is the definition of success.. It entails attaining objectives that lead to the future you want for yourself. It's also crucial to ensure that you don't let others define what success looks like for you. You only have so much time in this world, make sure you paint a comprehensive picture of success for yourself. Ashley Massengill, a business savvy, dedicated entrepreneur, is an 8-figure business coach, but she has faced her share of hardships along the way. Eventually, she found her way in entrepreneurship, and is now living out her dream life, while taking others with her.

Ashley Massengill

Ashley Massengill

"What makes an entrepreneur successful is faith, persistence, consistency, interacting with strangers, associating yourself with like-minded others, and being diligent," Ashley Massengill said. Give yourself the same amount of same energy today that you would if you knew you'd be successful in 5 years. Your thinking is the key to your success. Even in the your day-to-day routines. What you do or don’t believe in, what you consume, what you watch, who you’re surrounded by and the thoughts that you feed yourself. Success begins long before you ever get paid. It begins with your thoughts."

The Beginning of a Successful Career

Ashley began her entrepreneurial path while working at the USPS in 2017. She started her company with little idea where to begin. She knew that if she just moved her feet, God would guide the rest of her steps. All she had to do was put in the effort. She earned $9,950 in my first month as a business owner. Without any prior experience, mentors, business loans, or influencers, "If I can make this much while working a full-time job, I can only imagine what I could make if I didn't have this job as a distraction," she reasoned. So, after a month in business, she decided to leave her job. And she didn't look back. She became a millionaire in her first 18 months. And she most recently made $1 Million in sales in just 40 minutes on her latest business launch,

The Most Significant Shift

Ashley’s names hiring her first business coach in 2019 as the most significant turning point in her career, as she says. One of the most significant pieces of wisdom that her business coach instilled in her, is one that she now passes down to others. "Focus on your strengths and hire your disadvantages." Rather than wasting time, energy and resources trying to learn everything and doing everything on her own, she learned how to concentrate on what was truly growing her revenue. She tapped into ways to exponentially expand on her marketing strengths, and she went on to hire people who were good at everything she wasn’t good at.

The Key to Success is Consistency

“Consistency is one of the characteristics that has led to my success. I was posting, marketing, and promoting my business in 2017 on my Facebook page in the same way that I do now. Even though I see much different results now than I did back then. The only difference is that I started with 0 Facebook followers and received 50-70 likes and 0 comments on many of my business postings. Currently, each one of my posts receives between 200 and 300 comments. I didn't wait for my engagement to rise before I started being consistent. I never kept track of how many people liked my posts. I was keeping track of invoices. I remained consistent when people thought that I was posting too much. I remained consistent when I lost money. I remained consistent when I hit road blocks. I had so many reasons to give up but I kept choosing the ONE reason I had to keep going. My audience needed me.  Posting social evidence is another key takeaway that has helped me achieve success. Also known as "receipts." Ashley says, "This helped me build trust with my audience." Allowing them to see the success of others who had trusted me on their entrepreneurial journey.” 

One Source Of Income Is Too Close To No Sources

Ashley's digital course, book sales, credit repair, franchise, and passive income are all key sources of revenue for her. She also has ten or more affiliate agreements that cover all of her household expenses, so she doesn't have to use any of her hard-earned money to pay her bills. She purposefully built her income this way so that, if she ever can't run any of her businesses, she'll still have those passive revenues that aren't related to any of her businesses, allowing her to keep her lifestyle without having to change or downsize it. It's very crucial to have many streams of income.. One source of income is dangerously close to none.

In the last four and a half years as a business owner, Ashley has also done massive philanthropy work. She has paid for single mothers to be released from homeless shelters, held Mother's Day car giveaways, winter coat drives for boys and girls, college scholarship giveaways and more. Ashley considers herself fortunate to have been able to retire her mother 25 years early. She also most recently paid off her mother's mortgage 27 years in May 2021. Right before paying cash for her mother's dream automobile. A fully paid 2021 Mercedes SUV for the year 2021. Ashley says “Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy all of the things that do make you happy. And being able to take care of my family and live life on my terms, my way, on my own timing is what makes me happy. And money is the tool that’s making that happen for me, my family and my students.”


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