The average mum will start exercising 13 weeks after having a baby, but won’t get to enjoy their first post-pregnancy night out with friends for almost seven months, a study has found.

Starting a family is life-changing, but how long does it take until new parents get used to it?

Starting a family is life-changing, but how long does it take until new parents get used to it?

A poll of 1,500 mothers of children aged 10 and under has revealed how long it is after giving birth before they enjoy some of the perks of their pre-baby life again.

And while mums will sip their first alcoholic drink within five months of their baby being born, new parents face a seven month wait before they will have a child-free date night.

Busy mothers will also see almost five weeks pass before they will get to sit down and finish a hot cup of tea or coffee without it going cold.

The study by Matalan also found more than nine in 10 mums say their life changed in ways they hadn’t even considered after having a baby.

A spokesman said: “Having a baby is one of the most life-changing things that will happen to you.

“No matter how much you read about it or talk to other parents, you never really know what to expect.

“Many of the things we used to do without giving them a second thought before having children suddenly become more difficult, leaving many mums having a mini celebration when they do it for the first time again after having a baby.

“Although many are such small little milestones, it can go a long way to helping mums feel like they are ‘getting back to normal’.”

We all know that starting a family is a decision that lasts a lifetime, meaning many new Mums and Dads will not only have to get used to having a little one around, but must learn to get hang of all the other things that come with it.

For example, getting used to using a collapsing pram and fixing a car seat into place. The research gave a full breakdown of the average length of time it takes for things to fall into place:

Mummy milestones:

Got the hang of collapsing the pram – 7 days

Got the hang of putting the car seat in the car – 8 days

Have a conversation with partner not about the baby – 3 weeks

Have a hot cup of tea or coffee in peace – 4 weeks

First watched favourite TV show or film without being interrupted – 5 weeks

Going to the toilet without taking their baby with them – 6 weeks

Started exercising - 13 weeks

Had a relaxing bath or shower – 4 months and 21 days

First let someone other than partner look after baby – 4 and 28 days

First alcoholic drink – 4 months and 28 days

Fit into pre-pregnancy jeans – 4 months and 28 days

Left the house alone – 5 months and six days

First lie in – 6 months and 10 days

First felt back to normal – 6 months and 23 days

First night out with friends – 6 months and 29 days

First date night with your partner – 7 months and 2 days

First full night sleep – 8 months and 16 days

First felt back to normal – 6 months and 23 days

Researchers from OnePoll also found that after hitting certain ‘Mummy Milestones’ 32 percent of mums admit they compared the timings with other mothers while 55 per cent immediately shared the landmark event with their partner.

More than one in five put it on social media.

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