Our Podcast of the Week series continues today with one of our favourite series to-date! After leaving her role as Chief Stewardess on Below Deck: Mediterranean, Hannah Ferrier got engaged to her partner Josh Roberts, announcing the news on Instagram after the birth of the couple’s first child.

Of course, anyone who knows Ferrier will see that she is a hardworking woman who doesn’t take too many opportunities to sit down and relax! When we heard that she was launching her own podcast in the backend of 2020, we couldn’t wait to see what she had up her sleeve…

Dear Diary, You’re Effed! is the result; a series in which she takes up hosting duties alongside the equally-infectious television presenter, Justin Hill.

After moving home following her time on Below Deck: Med, Ferrier and her friends came across a stack of her old diaries from her childhood and teen years. Picking up on some brilliant tales that had to be heard to be believed, they provided a glorious insight into the young mind of an independent woman in the making.

Every page was undoubtedly and effortlessly ‘Hannah’.

Toxic relationships, broken friendships, romance and more is explored in a podcast that allows Ferrier to read back on her wild adventures, from chasing the wrong guy, to playing friends off of one another and everything in-between! It’s a surprisingly-relatable and nostalgic listen that takes you back to your younger years.

Not only that, but listeners have been getting in touch with their own diary entries, exposing the craziness of their own lives in the decades that have gone by.

There’s a reason many diaries are kept private, but Ferrier isn’t afraid to bend the rules in the name of entertainment. Plus, there’s always a chance we can look back at our actions in our youth, learn from them and pass on those lessons to the next generation.

Buckle up for plenty of hilarity as Hannah and Justin take us on one of the funniest podcast experiences of all time.

Dear Diary, You’re Effed! releases every Monday on Spotify.

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