Will you be looking for love this Christmas? / Picture Credit: Pixabay
Will you be looking for love this Christmas? / Picture Credit: Pixabay

We're only two weeks into December, and I’ve already heard countless festive dating terms. From snowglobing to scrooging, there are plenty of ways to describe your dating tragedies.

Dating at Christmas is hard enough with nosey family members and awkward set-ups. The last thing we need is to add a whole list of festive-themed terms to describe our pain. But the Christmas season is here, and you need to prepare for the current dating trends.

Let’s take a closer look at the latest festive dating terms.


Scrooging is when someone dumps you, so they don’t have to buy you a Christmas present.

Picture the scene: You’ve been dating a new guy for just over a month, and Christmas is around the corner. You start planning festive date nights together and secretly look for the perfect Christmas gift for him. However – things take a turn the week before Christmas, and he cancels a date night out of the blue. You have been scrooged.

Scrooging is particularly common with the younger generation, between the ages of 18 and 24. Men are far more likely to do it and will usually back off just before Christmas. Look out for the warning signs, ladies and avoid the Scroogers.

Dating at this time of the year can be a minefield! / Picture Credit: Pixabay
Dating at this time of the year can be a minefield! / Picture Credit: Pixabay


Snowglobers are the exact opposite of the Scroogers among us. You meet someone online and have your first date just before Christmas. You head to a Christmas Market in your local city and enjoy a festive evening together. There’s mulled wine, live Christmas music and a magical atmosphere. Suddenly, you’re kissing under the mistletoe and embracing the festive romance.

Before you know it, your relationship has escalated, and you are planning to see each other over the holidays. You go from strangers to a full-blown relationship in a matter of weeks. But after New Year’s Day, the romance fades, and your snowglober runs for the hills.

Snowglobers use the holiday season to make you think the relationship is serious. They might even introduce you to their family on Christmas Eve. You can feel like Cameron Diaz in a fairy-tale Christmas romance – before being kicked out of the snowglobe in January.


Icing is when someone delays making any form of commitment to your relationship. They might defer professing your relationship or making things exclusive. An icer will often say, “I wish I had more time to spend with you”, or “I will make it up to you when I’ve finished this job."

They are essentially putting you on ice for the time being. They can still see you and enjoy your company – without committing to a long-term relationship. You need to set boundaries with the person, and in most cases, move on. Your love life should be heating up – not cooling down.


Snowmanning is when you have a festive fling over the holidays before letting your date melt away for January. Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year, and it can get lonely. So, many people date someone just for the holidays and enjoy the festivities together. However, one person may think the relationship is heading for the long-term while the other is ready to move on in January. Snow-manning is the casual version of snow-gloving.

If you’re on the dating scene this year, watch out for these dating trends!

Words by George Arkley for Female First, who you can follow @George_Arkley on Twitter.