It's that time of year again where the arrival of the John Lewis advert officially marks the beginning of Christmas. We have to say, this is probably one of the best we've seen from the brand - and Excitable Edgar is by far our favourite mascot. The 2019 advert features Bastille's cover of REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling, which only adds to the tear-jerking sentimentality of the advert.

John Lewis Christmas advert 2019

John Lewis Christmas advert 2019

Here are five messages to take in from the advert this Christmas:

1. It's OK to be flawed

Even the most well-intentioned people make mistakes. We all have habits and flaws that may affect how other people view us, but Edgar shows us that it doesn't matter because in the end our flaws can sometimes be an important part of our talents. And people will thank us when it comes to sharing our gifts with them.

2. It's OK to be different

I mean, if you're as cute as Edgar, nobody's going to marginalise you from society. But the point is he is an anthropomorphic dragon surrounded by humans, and yet he still has his own house and is embraced as part of the community rather than feared. Naturally, his habit of breathing fire is a problem for the villagers, but the fact that he looks different isn't an issue at all.

3. Christmas isn't about the presents

This advert isn't about kids getting lots of gifts on Christmas Day, which indeed is a theme that appears frequently in John Lewis Christmas adverts. When there are so many poor families struggling to put meals on the table for their children let alone find money to spoil them with gifts, it seems crass to highlight the privileges of more affluent families. Instead, this advert points out the importance of enjoying the small things; being with friends and doing kind things for others.

4. The greatest gift is being able to spread happiness

We couldn't help but notice how thrilled Edgar was to receive a Chrismas pudding as a present; not for himself, but to share with the townsfolk in a bid to cheer them up after the disastrous tree unveiling debacle. In the end, making other people smile is the most uplifting thing we can do for ourselves, and the pleasure we get from giving lasts so much longer than that of receiving.

5. Community is important

It's a shame that communities are less close-knit than they used to be. These days a lot of people don't even know the names of their neighbours. But this advert takes us back to a time where community was all anybody had; where forging relationships and knowing everyone around you was wealth enough. Life wouldn't be very interesting without other people, so make sure you reach out to the people that hold your community together this Christmas.

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