Bassetts Vitamins has collaborated with comedian Katherine Ryan on a new campaign which is all about injecting some fun into our mundane and functional daily routine. We caught up with her to talk about what small things spark joy in her own life. 

Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan

1. Please tell us about your new collaboration with Bassetts Vitamins and how it all came about.

I was shocked to see the Bassetts Vitamins research showed only 3% of adults describe their day to day lives as being fun. I was excited to join Bassetts Vitamins to help inject some fun into functional chores and tasks with a hilarious day of silly challenges for our contestants to remind them that fun isn’t just for kids.

2. How do you personally bring fun to the functional in your everyday life?

Mindset is a big part of it. I think we can all make little changes for a more fun day by listening to music, taking time to wind down with a cup of tea and a biscuit, setting a list of chores and taking pride in ticking them off. I personally like to make geometric lines in the carpet when I’m hoovering. It’s just about finding calm and joy in the little moments.

3. Why do you think so few adults enjoy their daily routine when consistency can often make us feel safe?

I think we forget about gratitude. It’s no fun cleaning and cooking for a family when they don’t show you gratitude. Equally, I try to remember how lucky I am to be folding my daughter’s clothes and filling the dishwasher because I’m taking care of people.

4. I love to do laundry so I wondered- is there anything others deem mundane that you actually enjoy?

I love scrubbing toilets. It’s weird but I take great pride in treating the loo like it belonged in a fancy hotel. I have fresh flowers in there, nice towels. Just Incase the Queen should visit unannounced.

5. How much does your passion for comedy help you get through things that don't bring you joy?

My passion for comedy comes from my obsession with joy. I made a decision very early in my life that I was going to make the best of each day and try to have a laugh. I’ve had ups and downs in my life but I believe in finding lightness in the dark.

6. What tips do you have to bring happiness into simple yet necessary tasks?

Just put your own spin on it. Reward yourself with a walk outside or a little dance or a treat from the kitchen. Maybe set a timer so that you can go full tilt into a task for an allotted amount of time, and no more. I find that when my arms or legs are busy, I can have the most creative thoughts. Nobody bothers you when you’re washing the floor.

7. The Bassetts Vitamins study found that 34% of people turn mundane tasks into a competition, have you ever done this and if so, please do share!

Children are notoriously competitive, and my mother definitely set my sisters and me timed tasks to make us work faster. The first to get pajamas on, the first to set the table, the first to gather laundry. My dad would give five dollars to the first to jump in the lake every spring which isn’t so much a chore, and more of a Canadian right of passage. It was cold. Absolutely not worth it.

8. Do you ever use mundane tasks to help you deflate after a show?

Yes because I can’t find a babysitter who also cleans the kitchen. I would routinely get back from a tour show, pour a glass of wine, and tidy the dinner mess at 2am with reality TV on in the background. It was nice!

9. What is next for you?

I’d love to tour again. I miss stand up so much and since my main goal is having a laugh and bringing people joy, I can’t wait to get back on the road.

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