A new survey has found that whilst millennial use social media for three hours a day on average, one in seven of them are not using Facebook anymore. Instead, they’re spending their time on social channels such as Instagram and Twitter.

Millenials are turning to other platforms of social media

Millenials are turning to other platforms of social media

Millennials are slowly turning away from Facebook, with reasons for this choice including that they don’t like some of the opinions voiced on the platform, that only ‘older’ people use the channel and that other social media channels are more engaging.

The team behind money saving website www.MoneySavingHeroes.co.uk conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into Britons attitudes and preferences towards social media platforms. 2,403 Britons, all of whom were aged 22 - 37 and were active on multiple social media channels, were quizzed.

Firstly, all respondents were asked to state which social media channels they currently use every day; Instagram topped the list (97%), with Twitter following (86%). Only 39% of respondents said they used Facebook every day.

To explore this further, when all respondents were asked if they have an active Facebook account, one in seven (14%) admitted they did not.

Those who do not use Facebook every day or have an account anymore, were asked why this was the case.

When provided with a list of possible answers and asked to select all that applied, the following five emerged as the most common reasons:

“I do not like opinions voiced on the platform” – 73%

“The platform is for older people” – 68%

“I find other social media channels more engaging” – 61%

“People post fake news” – 58%

“I don’t follow anyone who interests me” – 55%

When these respondents were asked if there was anything Facebook could do to bring them back to the platform or increase their usage, just 1 in 10 (11%) said there was, with the remaining 89% stating they would never go back or use the platform more than they currently do.

Those participants who do still use Facebook every day were asked why this was the case with the majority (79%) revealing they do so to keep up to date with their family. Just 8% said they do so as they get their news from Facebook.

Finally, all respondents were asked how much time they spent on social media. Taking all answers into account, it was uncovered that millennials spend three hours on social media channels every day, on average.

George Charles, spokesperson for www.MoneySavingHeroes.co.uk commented:

“It’s no surprise that millennials are using Instagram as their top choice of social media but it is crazy how far Facebook has fallen with the millennial generation.

“The platform seems to appeal more to the older demographic now, with younger people being turned off by the controversial, often offensive views posted by distant family members or school acquaintances.”

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