Whether it’s a new fitness regime, taking up a hobby or quitting a bad habit, every year we make New Year’s resolutions, and it doesn’t take long for the novelties of the festive season to wear off, real life to kick back in, and for us to totally forget all those promises we made to ourselves on the first of January.

Make some easy-to-stick-to resolutions for 2019!

Make some easy-to-stick-to resolutions for 2019!

So, if this year you want to set some achievable goals, here are some New Year’s resolutions that aren’t completely unattainable and will be a positive difference to your life, and the planet's!

Have a meat free day

Set one day aside to have a meat-free day. If everyone did it, the environment would love us. It will force you to be adventurous in the kitchen and try new recipes you might otherwise not. If you’ve always wanted to improve your culinary skills then this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Recycling habits

Take your recycling habits to the next level. Make extra effort to check everything before binning it - no more carelessly throwing empty bottles of pop in the black bin.

Try and buy products that have been made with recycled materials - toilet roll and paper are a good place to start!

Ditch the single use plastics

If you haven’t already, it’s time to switch up your plastics game! If you don’t get one for Christmas - buy yourself a reusable water bottle, a reusable coffee cup, a reusable shopping bag… basically, stock up on the reusables. It’s time to make the switch!

Have a social media deep-cleanse

Friends from school who you wouldn’t recognise if you literally bumped into them, the people you don’t like but follow anyway to be nosy… It’s time for them to go. Clear out all the people clogging up your feed and wasting your scrolling time!

Make a new playlist

This is so simple. It’s so easy to get stuck listening to the same songs on repeat. Take some time to put together a feel-good playlist to overplay and be the soundtrack of January.

Clear out your wardrobe

And your cupboards, and those boxes of tat in the loft... Start the year fresh - if you haven’t worn it in a year, send it to the charity shop. Check your makeup and cosmetic best before dates too - you might be surprised how many lipsticks you’ve owned for two years that were meant to be binned after six months!

Start buying second hand

Don’t be a snob about your shopping - you can get all the things you need just as good, and cheaper, second-hand! Visit charity shops and check apps like Depop for what you’re looking for before buying from a high-street store.

Download a mindfulness app

Little things like taking five minutes out of your day to practice mindfulness are the ones that will make a long-term difference. There are so many free apps out there now, get one on your phone and try and find some time each day to allow your head to clear of the everyday stresses.

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