Dr Ruja Ignatova may not be an instantly-recognisable name for most people, but she's certainly somebody that will be remembered by those she lured into her proposed financial revolution. Having brought an entirely new cryptocurrency to light - OneCoin - she promised to make millions for all who invested. She marketed OneCoin as being similar to BitCoin, and saw over three million people join her in just two years. There was just one problem. OneCoin was never a real thing.

Made rich and famous, Dr Ignatova went on the run, and hasn't been seen since her lies and deceit came to light. In our new Podcast of the Week, writer Jamie Bartlett goes on the hunt for the woman who tricked millions, lining her pockets before sailing off into the sunset.

The Missing Cryptoqueen, from BBC Sounds and producer Georgia Catt, is without a doubt one of the most addictive and strange stories that has been told - and it's not over yet! There are four episodes of the show available so far, and they prove to be intensely compelling, as major twists in the tale change everything that Bartlett thought he knew.

Part of the beauty of podcasts is their ability to tell a story simply through words and sound. We don't need to see the action spilling out in front of us on a screen, because we can use our imaginations to cement ourselves right in the centre of each scene. Great podcasts allow their listeners to do this with ease, and that's exactly what happens with The Missing Cryptoqueen.

Despite Dr Ignatova's brother Konstantin being arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on March 6th, 2019, and his subsequent charge of money laundering and fraud in connection with OneCoin, the mystery surrounding his sister rolled on. American authorities may have declared the cryptocurrency a fraud all those months ago, but that doesn't mean Bartlett's story comes screeching to a halt, as he first expected.

Saying too much more would honestly spoil the surprises and shocks that lurk around each corner of this story. If you're a fan of a mystery-meets-thriller, that's formed entirely of truth, then The Missing Cryptoqueen is a must-listen.

You can check out the podcast on the BBC Sounds website, as well as on all the usual listening spots including Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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