It’s that time of year again – Comic Relief. It acts as one of those annual markers when we’re like, ‘Again? That came around so quick’.

Comic Relief is on Friday March 15

Comic Relief is on Friday March 15

If you have kids or if you work in an office, it may be the norm to get involved in the charity fundraising fun. But after years of cake sales and non-uniform days, it can get quite tedious - we get it.

So if you’re excited to raise some money for charity, but want to do something a little bit different, here are seven ways to have fun whilst fundraising.

Marathon Events

Instead of limiting your fundraising to during the working day, why not have an evening of events?

If you love to be the host, this is the one for you.

Invite your friends and family overnand host a mini sports marathon – maybe a table tennis tournament, a darts competition or get the Wii out and spend a few hours playing tennis!

It’s fun, sociable, and if you charge everyone a fiver on entrance you can raise some money for charity, too!

Sponsored silence

Comic Relief is all about laughter and fun in the name of charity - but we totally get it if you’d rather be paid to stay silent.

Besides, sometimes not speaking to certain work colleagues is actually more fun than having to converse about what they’re having for tea anyway…

It’s one of the oldest fundraising tricks in the book, but if you secretly prefer to shut up – this is the one for you. Disguise your anti-social tendencies by taking part in a sponsored silence.

Old book sale

Having an abundance of books you’ll never read, or have read and don’t want anymore, probably means you can get rid of them.

Of course, you can take them down to a charity shop. But since it’s almost Comic Relief, why not see if you can get rid of them online and donate the money to the worthy cause?

If you have friends that hoard books too, having a mini book sale is a good idea too. It’s a get together for you and your pals, and if you sell each book for a pound you could quite easily make a fair bit of cash!

See if there’s a community centre you can use for free to set up your stall!

Pub quiz

We bet this will be popular!

If you’ve always wanted to host a pub quiz, now is your time!

You can either write up your own questions or search the internet and see what’s already out there.

If you really want to make it your own – why not come up with a Comic Relief round?

Extreme sport

There’s doing something different to a cake sale and then there’s really doing something different to a cake sale.

Whether it’s bungee jumping or sky-diving, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you need to be all over this.

Get sponsored to something crazy – like a super high zip wire or climb a mountain. It’s a brilliant, unforgettable experience for you, and will no doubt raise a lot of money for Comic Relief.

Sponsored litter collecting

One for the green fingers amongst us… Litter picking! It’s not the cleanest or most insta-worthy activities, but that’s why it’s so beneficial!

Get a pal involved and spend an afternoon picking litter. The streets will be cleaner, you’ll feel good from doing something productive, and when you're getting sponsored, the money can all go to a great cause, too!

Swear box

Ok, so it’s not the most adventurous, but we bet there’s some readers out there that could make a lot of money by sticking one of these in their office for the day.

If you’ve got a foul mouth, make the most of it for one day.

Pop a swear box out and charge 50p per profanity. We reckon you’ll be surprised at how much money you will make…

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