Shane Dawson has been on YouTube for as long as I can remember the website existing. Back in August of last year, I explained why I thought he was changing the world of entertainment forever. Shortly after that point (and one more chaotic series delving into the life of fellow YouTuber Jake Paul), Shane took a three-month break from the video-sharing platform.

Now he's back following that well-deserved hiatus, teasing the second release from a two-parter conspiracy series (each part of which is an hour and 45 minutes long), and it seems that the YouTuber's head has been a little all over the place. I don't say this with malice or to cause upset, but with the utmost respect.

Shane shared a note on social media just yesterday (February 8) to explain why the second part of the series may not feel very much like a deep dive into any sort of conspiracy at all, and that part of the reason for its delay is because he and Andrew were trying to cater to that label rather than just allowing the content to speak for itself.

In allowing his millions of fans into his creative process, it can often feel as though Shane is insecure in just getting on with his work and making us wait. In fact, from an outsider's perspective, some would say he's giving fans too much information about each step he takes.

He allows the rambling negativity sent to him via social media by a minority of disgruntled 'fans' to hit him where it hurts, and it looks as though he feels he has to offer unnecessary excuses because of that. We can't be mad at him for that of course; it simply makes him all the more relatable. We want to please all of the people, all of the time - it's human nature. Unfortunately, it's unrealistic.

What we can learn from everything he shares however, is that he and Andrew both spend countless hours and sleepless nights making sure the final videos they put out are (at the very least) on the level of any documentary a 'real' studio would release. Usually, they go above and beyond traditional shows because of their modern approach, which is just part of the reason they should be celebrated.

We don't just have Shane as the lead and Andrew as the cameraman, but also a cast of infectious supporting characters. There's his goofy and adorable friend Garrett; his floaty-free sister-in-law Morgan; and of course his always-supportive life partner, Ryland. The magic that this group can create when they come together is unlike anything I've ever seen in documentaries of the past. Their chemistry is off the chain.

Shane and Andrew as filmmakers are brilliant, period. Some (idiots) would argue that they're not 'real' directors because their content goes straight to YouTube. They're misinformed. The pair are amongst the best of our time. Think you can guess what they'll be cooking up next? Good luck. How many people in the world of traditional showbiz can you say that about? Stacey Dooley, Louis Theroux, Michael Moore and... nobody else really springs to mind! That's special.

As the group cements their place in entertainment history, we watch it all go down in real time. It's a sight to behold and I just hope, at the end of the day when each series is complete and it comes time to relax, Shane and Andrew can rest easy and brim full of pride. That's the very least they deserve.

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