The festive season, for many, is the same every year. While this can be a wonderful thing, to have the same wonderful Christmas every year, some of us might wish to change it up a little bit. So, here are seven ideas that will switch up your holiday season, while keeping it unique to you. 

'Merry Christmas, everyone!' / Picture Credit: Unsplash

'Merry Christmas, everyone!' / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Take a walk 

Taking a walk before Christmas dinner may be a rather regular tradition, but why not make it your own? 

Why not grab the kids or the dogs, or even go solo, and take a little time to enjoy the serenity of your local park? Many people spend Christmas Day inside, so making it a tradition to go out in the mornings with the whole family and play a game is sure to build up an appetite and ensure everyone gets some crisp, fresh air. 

Christmas picnic 

Something many of us might not do, is have a festive picnic. As we know, December is one of the coldest months of the year, so an outdoor picnic might not be the best idea, depending on where you live. 

If, however, you live in the UK, an indoor picnic might be the best option. Rearranging furniture to fit the whole family may sound stressful, but once you get your Christmas meal organised with trimmings and perhaps even a festive hamper, it will be worth the effort. 

Instead of a somewhat ordinary Christmas dinner, enjoying this day in a different way will breathe new life into the holiday season! 

Christmas dinner is a beloved tradition, no matter how you celebrate it! / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Christmas dinner is a beloved tradition, no matter how you celebrate it! / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Board games 

Playing board games at Christmas may seem like a regular activity, but it can be so much more! 

Why not purchase some new games along with some older, more traditional ones, and draw the names out of a hat? A different family member can pull a name, and if the game requires a ‘master’ (for example Monopoly needs a banker), then they can take up that mantle and lead the game. 

Mixing up the type of games you play each year or each time you want to play a game, can bring so much fun to the party. 

Something other than Turkey 

While many of us enjoy having turkey as the main part of the festive dinner, some may tire of the giant bird every year; so, what can you do instead? 

Well, anything you want! Other traditional meats include beef, but how about trying a whole roast salmon, or if you’re feeling particularly boojie, a roast hog! The options are endless when it comes to the main event for the Christmas meal; you could have swordfish or a selection of sandwiches, if you wished! 

Film marathon 

Watching a film or two at Christmas is something many of us do, but if there’s dispute among family and/or guests about what to watch, why not try a whole new tradition... 

Write a few options down for festive films, perhaps ElfJingle All The Way, or Christmas with the Kranks, and put them in a hat or bowl. Have a family member or guest pick one out, and charade out the option. 

Not only does this put an end to any difficulties with picking a movie, but it’s a lot of fun to see someone act out a festive favourite! 

Giving gifts can feel so rewarding / Picture Credit: Unsplash
Giving gifts can feel so rewarding / Picture Credit: Unsplash

Self/family care hour 

Christmas can be an exhausting time, for parents, kids and friends alike, and many people don’t get a chance to rest until they hit the pillows. 

However, if you set aside one hour on the big day specifically for everyone to have an hour to themselves, you can relax and recharge. This also gives everyone time to get excited for whatever else you all have planned for the day! 

It doesn’t have to be an hour, but even 30 minutes can make a huge difference and give you the energy you need to finish the day. 

Gift an hour 

Christmas Day morning can be a rush of excitement and a busy time; if this gets a little overwhelming for you, then think about trying something a little different. 

Instead of opening all the Christmas presents at once – which can lead to chaos and a lot of mess! - maybe try opening one gift per hour. 

Much of the excitement of Christmas Day comes from opening the presents, and it can be over so fast, so if everyone opens one every house until they’re all gone, the joy of opening gifts can last all day! 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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