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The full moon in Gemini will dominate the energy astrologically this week. The sign of communication, high energy, adaption and intelligence. You will feel the urge to communicate your needs in all areas of your life by speaking out and by writing. 

Horoscopes on Female First

Horoscopes on Female First


You will feel super enthusiastic this week as you will be given an opportunity to give a lecture about your work to a large audience. Your optimism and passion will be captivating to all that listen. 


Communicate your needs to your partner or if you are single, make sure you express what you desire in a relationship when you begin dating someone new. At work, you will be recognised for your expertise.


You are full of energy and enthusiasm about all the new things you are learning as part of your job. Don’t be scared to express your knowledge to your senior management as they will be just as excited as you are about your new project ideas.


Time for you to write a letter to a dear friend who you have upset recently and ask for their forgiveness. It would be good for both parties and will hopefully heal your relationship. 


Take the time to read important documents very carefully before expressing your opinions and criticisms so you don’t create tension in your work environment. 


You are pleased with your new home environment and you feel like telling the whole world. You are excited about this new chapter in your life.


You are very communicative at work this week because of the enhanced energy of the full moon in Gemini. However, other members of your team are not communicating as well as they should be and this is making you agitated. 


Take time to write your needs and feelings so you can acknowledge these and move forward in your relationships and your career path. 


You are brave to take a new challenge of writing an article on your work which may lead to a book but you are worried about having the time to achieve this and whether it would be good enough for publishing.


You enjoy advising your friends on issues that arise in their lives but be careful not to let your critical comments out as everyone has a unique way of doing things.


You speak to your family and friends about your emotions this week and they are happy to help comfort you as you have been having a stressful time recently. 


Your jealousy is putting a strain on a relationship as you are constantly accusing your partner, remember you need to make sure there is freedom and trust in a relationship to make it work.

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