It’s clear that our perceptions of healthy eating are skewed across the board, so we asked Charlotte to simplify things to help us get an idea of how to make better food choices. Charlotte explains to Wren Kitchens:

Food and Drink on Female First

Food and Drink on Female First

Avoid skipping meals, especially breakfast. From personal experience, I know that if I leave the house without breakfast, I have less energy and motivation, and will need a pick-me-up mid-morning. Eating breakfast also helps to reach that all important 30g of fibre target.”

Don’t restrict yourself. Doing so often leads to binging on restricted foods. Instead, think about moderation, and make sure you think about all the foods you enjoy to add in to your diet. I love crackers and Marmite, or dipping vegetable sticks into peanut butter. Find nutrient-dense foods you enjoy, and make sure you include them in your diet more regularly.”

Get your fibre. Recently, the government upped the amount of fibre that we are recommended to have each day to 30g, and most of us are falling short by around one third. Lots of research suggests eating more fibre could be beneficial for our health, and particularly for digestion. Try boosting fibre intakes by choosing wholegrains, snacking on fibre-rich fruit and veggies, oatcakes and crackers, and adding nuts and seeds to dishes.”

Being told to eat your five-a-day may not be the most interesting advice, but it’s important. Plenty of research suggests the more fruits and veggies we add to our diet, the healthier we are likely to be. If five portions seems too much, don’t fret as even including one more portion to your existing diet can add multiple benefits.”

Hydrate yourself. Many of us – including myself – can forget to drink plenty, especially when it’s cold outside. However, keeping hydrated is important to keep our bodily systems functioning properly, including the heart and brain. We have a wide variety of options available to us when it comes to tea and coffee, and it all counts towards eight glasses of fluid per day, so opt for a variety and get gulping!”

Be kind to yourself. This is one of my top tips for 2018. Too often, we don’t look after our wellbeing by comparing ourselves to others, constantly thinking negatively, and punishing ourselves when it comes to food. It’s time to stop the guilt around what we eat and instead try to enjoy food every day.”

Fresh air and exercise. Getting outside and stretching our legs can do more than expend a few calories. I often find a short walk and fresh air helps to reduce stress and allows me to put concerns into perspective. Don’t undervalue the power of exercise for your mind and body.”

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