If you are working to a budget or want to avoid breakfasts that contain a lot of sugar such as some cereals- here are some quick and easy things you can give your toddler to set them up for the day.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Weetabix, milk and mashed banana: It might not look like the most attractive of breakfasts, but Weetabix contains very little sugar in comparison to other cereals that are marketed at children and contains just a few ingredients too. Soak the bricks in milk while you mash up the banana then add this in for a slow release energy breakfast option. 

Scrambled egg: Beat up and egg with some milk and pop it in the microwave for a minute, or until it’s scrambled and serve it with some chopped tomatoes or sectioned cherry tomatoes and a quartered bread slice for an English breakfast vibe. This hit of protein will leave them full until lunch. 

Fruit salad and yoghurt: Chop up any fruits you have in the fridge into bite sized pieces (remember to halve any grapes) and serve with a yoghurt for some protein. Just be sure to check the ingredients of the yoghurt you choose as some that are attractive to children have huge amounts of sugar in them. To make this even more fun, you could invest in some small cutters to cut the fruit into different shapes such as stars, hearts and flowers- melon and pineapple are good for this. 

Overnight oats: You can make these with your toddler the night before. Get them to help you weigh out the oats, pour in some milk and choose some fruits to go on top- berries are especially nice. In the morning, mix it all up so that every spoonful has some creamy, chewy oats and some sweetness from the fruit. 

Pancakes: All you need are three simple and inexpensive ingredients which you will likely already have in your fridge and cupboards. There are plenty of recipes online to guide you on just how much of the flour, milk and eggs you will need, then once they are ready, chop them up into bite size pieces and serve with some of your toddler’s favourite chopped fruit. You could even make the fruit look like a little face- they will love that! 

Boiled eggs and toastie soldiers: You may want to invest in a fun egg cup for your toddler to make them look forward to this breakfast or pull out their favourite to encourage them to eat up every last morsel! Simply soft boil an egg, toast and slice your bread into lengths, pop some butter on and you have one dippy breakfast idea full of protein and fibre. 

Peanut butter on toast with banana: So long as your child isn’t allergic, peanut butter can provide lots of protein and when served on wholemeal toast this slow release energy will keep them full up until snack time. The banana offers some sweetness too. If your child does suffer from allergies, you can always keep it simple with butter and chop up some fruit on the side or swap the peanut butter for a low sugar jam and cut up the slices into shapes if you know your little one won’t eat the crusts.

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