There are some great products on offer this Easter!
There are some great products on offer this Easter!

With Easter Weekend on the horizon, we’ve been tasting some of the finest products on offer from an array of different places! Whether you’re into your chocolate, alcohol or, something else entirely, there should be something on this list for everybody…

The Lindt Chocolate Shop exclusive 500g Gold Bunny

If you don’t recognise the iconic Lindt Gold Bunny, which rock have you been hiding under? The cute and chocolatey little creature has seemingly been drinking those Alice in Wonderland growth potions, as they’ve ballooned in size to an impressive 500g, packaged in a recyclable card carrier and exclusive to those who decide to do some of their Easter shopping at The Lindt Chocolate Shop. With an RRP of £20 and enough chocolate to see you through the entire month of April, you really can’t go wrong. How does it taste? Just as fabulous as ever, to be frank. Lindt can do no wrong in my eyes. A showstopper of a piece that is the perfect gift for any chocolate-crazy loved one.

Beanies Easter Cream Flavoured Coffee

Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, this gluten, wheat and dairy free instant coffee certainly smells the part, hitting you with notes of almond and marzipan as soon as you pierce the foil-topped jar. Unfortunately, that inviting smell doesn’t really carry on over when it comes to delivering on flavour. You can definitely tell that it’s not your bog-standard coffee but, following the guidance of one heaped tablespoon and some boiling water, you may be left disappointed. Still, if you don’t mind a bit of a boosted caffeine kick, dropping in an extra heaped tablespoon can ensure you a more impactful taste experience. The coffee is just £2.75, sugar free, low calorie and available from

Disaronno Velvet Liqueur (500ml)

Blending the distinct flavours of toasted almonds with apricot, vanilla and toffee, Disaronno have delivered one of the most memorable tastes that the adults will enjoy this Easter, packaged together in a stunning and contemporary, all-white bottle. Velvet is the perfect name for this brand addition, as the drink goes down extremely well (and perhaps a little too easily!). Pour over a handful or two of cubed ice, and you’ve got a belly-warming treat for those colder spring nights. Just make sure to keep out of reach of the kids! Priced at an affordable £15 and available from Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose.

Morrisons donut-shaped eggs and The Best offerings

Remember that craze in lockdown where people would try and trick others on social media with cake shaped like everyday items? Things are about to get wilder, as Morrisons have conjured up some donut-shaped Easter eggs that will confuse even the keenest of eyes! We gave the toffee flavoured fauxnut a try, topped with white chocolate and pink drizzle. If you’re a fan of the likes of Caramac, then this will certainly go down well! We were also lucky enough to give a couple of the eggs in The Best range a try, with the Free From Seville Orange Choccy Egg a personal favourite. Having being hand-dipped in crunchy cocoa nibs, this rich Belgian dark chocolate is nothing short of delicious. Plus, you even get some Seville orange truffles to enjoy for when the egg’s all gone! The donut-shaped eggs are priced at £5 each, with the Seville Orange Choccy Egg just £6. Other flavours are available.

Bradfords Bakers Easter Fun Box of 9 Cupcakes

I love cake, perhaps more than most things in my life. So, when I was offered the chance to try out the Easter Fun Box of 9 Cupcakes from Bradford Bakers, I was over the moon. I’m happy to say, they didn’t disappoint in any capacity! The box contains hand-finished Easter-themed cupcakes, some of which are plain sponge whilst others are chocolate, each topped with thick icing and finished off with a cute little Easter decoration. Whilst I sadly had to share these with family, I did manage to try at least one of each flavour, and not a single one of them wasn’t to my liking! At £25.90, they’re the perfect gift, even coming with a free gift card so you can add a personal touch, all wrapped in a satin gift box.

What do Cadbury have on offer this year?

As is usually the case, Cadbury have a whole selection of exciting treats now that the Easter season is in full swing. One of their latest additions is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun Bar, which actually really does taste like the seasonal spiced bun. The milk chocolate is embedded with chewy raisins and crispy cinnamon crunch, delivering an authentic flavour that you'll come back for more of, time and again. Then of course there are the classic Easter Egg offerings, as well as the premium Thoughtful Gesture eggs and, Easter Egg hunting pack that includes 22 mini hollow milk chocolate eggs to hide around the home! It goes without saying but, all are divine.

HARIBO Jelly Bunnies

Following the success of previous years, HARIBO Jelly Bunnies are back, with the popular texture found in Jelly Babies. Their flavour has been amplified, making for some of the most moreish Easter sweets you could get your hands on. They’re also super cute! HARIBO have also brought back their Eggs Galore Multipack and, the sweet gift box HARIBO Chick 'n' Mix, which includes some Starmix favourite Fried Eggs, along with Spring Time Friends and the aforementioned Jelly Bunnies.

World of Zing's Hot Cross Bun-Hattan and Chocolate Orange Negroni

Being brave with bold flavours is essential to stand out in today’s alcohol industry. So, when I saw that World of Zing had decided to release not one, but two limited edition flavours for Easter, I was excited to give them both a try! And whilst we may have seen some chocolate orange-flavoured liqueur in the past, a Hot Cross Bun-Hattan? It’s certainly a first, for me at least! Perfect to serve to guests you have round to celebrate the holidays, you can kick off any event the right way, with a themed cocktail that's ready to pour and serve, straight from the bottle. I’m a big fan of both of these flavours, and will be stocking up to ensure I can enjoy them both throughout the year – not just at Easter! Both are priced at £25 for a 500ml bottle.

Pierre Marcolini’s Bird Bunny

Renowned praline brand Pierre Marcolini are pulling out all the stops for Easter, with their new Bird Bunny egg shells! Each of the eggs rests in a nest of chocolate straws, and there's a whole host of different taste sensations to experience, from crunchy, to soft with mixed nut pralines, candied mango, cocoa nibs, caramel and even crispy puffed rice. There wasn’t a single one I didn’t enjoy. Pierre Marcolini's Easter collection is available via the, the Marylebone boutique, counters in Selfridges and Harrods.

After Eight Mini Eggs

If you’re one of those people that can’t help but indulge in After Eights at Christmas, then you’ll be pleased to know you now also have an excuse to pick up an After Eight product this Easter! These mini eggs are filled with mint cream, tasting just as delicious as the original thin slices. The bag I was sent did include a couple of solid chocolate eggs, but on the whole, a gorgeous addition to the regular Easter range on offer from other chocolate companies, priced at just £1!

Niederegger Dessert Eggs

From, these tasty little treats are filled with dessert-flavoured marzipan, which is encased in egg-shaped chocolate. Flavours include double chocolate, cheesecake and, vanilla toffee. As somebody with a super sweet tooth, these were a great addition to my Easter indulging! I’ll definitely be picking up some more, but those who find sweet tastes overpowering may want to steer clear. They’re priced at £6.99 for a box of six.

Rita Farhi Milk Chocolate Praline Mini Eggs and Pastel Sugared Almonds

For those who just can’t resist chocolate at Easter, you can’t go far wrong with Rita Farhi’s milk chocolate praline mini eggs. They’re absolutely stunning, hitting your mouth with a flavour sensation from the first bite, right through until the last chew. If you fancy something sweet but, not quite as powerful however, there’s also the pastel sugared almonds, which are just as visually breathtaking as they are good to snack on. A luxury gift box of the mini eggs is available for £17.50, whilst the sugared almonds gift tin comes in at £25, both available via

KitKat Chunky Lotus Biscoff Giant Easter Egg and Salted Caramel Popcorn Easter Egg

KitKat Chunky have hit it out of the park this Easter, with two of the most delicious Easter Egg offerings on the market. The first is their brand-new Lotus Biscoff Giant Easter Egg, which includes a a giant hollow chocolate egg made with milk chocolate, as well as three full-size single bars of KitKat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff pieces. The second is a little more inventive, as you not only get KitKat Chunky Salted Popcorn bars, but a giant milk chocolate egg that is finished with real popcorn pieces and infused with salted caramel, for a taste sensation unlike any other this Easter. The flavour truly is incredible, and the smell is one I could still experience from the opposite end of the kitchen! My favourite of 2022.

Flapjackery's stunning Easter range

If you want something different to the usual egg this Easter, you can’t go wrong with Flapjackery. Their products are premium and hand-decorated, so you know you’ll be delving into something that has been crafted with love, precision and care. The Easter Box we were sent included the Millionaires Egg Splat Flapjack, the Chocolate Fudge Egg Smash Up Flapjack and, the Rocky Road Flapjack. I’m not joking when I say I absolutely pigged out on all three. They’re heavy, so you only need a thin slice each time you want a snack to see you through – just make sure to eat them whilst they’re still fresh! The three-piece Easter Box is available now for £12 from

Thorntons Marvellous Magnificent Easter Egg and Continental Gift Easter Egg

If large, statement eggs are your thing at Easter, look no further. Thorntons have got their 650g Marvellous Magnificent Easter Egg on offer, with iced personalisation if you so desire, for the affordable price of £20 – or indulge in two for £30. The milk chocolate that this egg is made of is truly divine. It melts on the tongue and will leave you wanting more, so thankfully, its huge size means it will last quite a while! Then there’s the Continental Gift Easter Egg, which comes with a small box of Thorntons Continental chocolates alongside the milk chocolate egg, which is decorated with swirling loops of white and dark chocolate. I actually think I preferred the milk chocolate that this smaller egg was made from – possibly because of the addition of the white and dark, alongside the milk! Both were great though, and absolutely worthwhile buys this Easter.

Maltesers Medium Easter Egg

You can't go wrong with Maltesers, so why not delve in to one of their medium-sized eggs this Easter? Each of these bargain buys come with not only a milk chocolate hollow egg, with that instantly-recognisable Mars company taste, but of course, packs of Maltesers as well! Tried, tested, and LOVED. I can't wait to get my hands on some more. There's also an egg with two Maltesers bars available, if you prefer.

Swap your Eggs for Cookies!

If you fancy something a little different then, why not try these bake-at-home cookies from Doughlicious - The London Dough Company? Gluten-free, they're made with the finest single origin chocolate from Colombia and, there's even 11 flavours to suit the entire family. These salted caramel and dark chocolate cookies are, to put it lightly, bloody lovely! Available from

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