Fancy A Cuppa? Kate Middleton Voted the Royal We’d Most Like to Drink Tea With

Fancy A Cuppa? Kate Middleton Voted the Royal We’d Most Like to Drink Tea With

It’s thought that the Queen of tea drinking is in fact The Queen but more Brits have said they would rather drink tea with Kate Middleton.

It’s Dementia UK’s Time for a Cuppa week and to celebrate and create awareness, Care UK have quizzed the nation on their tea drinking habits.

Although we’d choose the Duchess of Cambridge as the Royal we’d most like to drink tea with, it is in fact a popular James Bond heartthrob that we’d most like to enjoy a cuppa with.

Sean Connery was voted the celebrity we’d most like to have tea with, most likely down to that fantastic accent and all the incredible stories he would tell.

Most Brits will tell you that a good cuppa is their favourite hot drink and 79 per cent like a biscuit to dunk in theirs.

Strangely, 5 per cent of Brits also said that they love nothing better than dunking a banana in their tea!

There were plenty of big names that we wanted to share a cuppa with, but for the over 55’s, the people they most wanted to share a cuppa with was their children whilst they shared memories and chatted.

As part of Time for a Cuppa week, which runs from today until 8th March, Care UK are inviting people to their many care homes to indulge in a good cup of tea in order to raise money for the charity.

There will be cake sales as well as competitions and raffles all over the country to raise awareness for those with dementia.

Maizie Mears-Owen, Care UK’s Head of Dementia Care said, “The survey results show the importance of spending time with loved ones over something as simple as a cuppa.

“Spending time with a loved one who has dementia doesn’t have to mean doing anything elaborate, simply taking time to talk, share memories and be together is a great tonic in itself and we are always keen to find ways to ensure families can spend quality time together.

“We will be encouraging family members and friends to come into our homes, visit a loved one and take time for a cuppa throughout the coming week – and now we know what keen dunkers the British are too, there’ll be plenty of biscuits on offer as well!”

To find out more about Time for a Cuppa week, visit now.

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