Today is National Burger Day and to celebrate, Birds Eye has revealed the ultimate burger, as voted by Brits – with a surprising omission.

National Burger Day

National Burger Day

According to the study, the average person eats one burger every week, meaning the country chomps on over 2.7 billion burgers a year. This figure rose further during lockdown, when Brits consumed an additional 2-3 burgers per week.

The research also showed that a bacon-topped cheeseburger is the UK’s ultimate burger, but a whopping seven in ten (68 per cent) say a gherkin, definitely does not belong in their bun. 

The shortlist for the ultimate burger included one beef patty, crispy bacon, mature cheddar cheese, ketchup, a deep fried onion ring.

The nation’s passion for burgers runs so deep, we would even let it dictate who we date – with one in five considering themselves to be incompatible with a first date that did not like them. And despite traditionally thinking that a burger is too messy, a third of respondents said it is the perfect first-date food because the way someone eats a burger can say a lot about their personality.

Anne-Marie Gayer, Senior Brand Manager at Birds Eye, said “This research shows the extent of our love affair for burgers, in fact 85 per cent of Brits would even choose a burger as their last meal on earth. We’re clearly a nation of burger connissuers and it’s no surprise that we’re very picky about what goes in (and what stays out) of our perfect beef burger.

“We’ve been selling our popular beef burgers for 60 years; and the combination of prime beef, freshly chopped onion and a subtle blend of spices makes them super versatile – whether your preference is to top with gherkins or not!”

When it comes to eating etiquette, two in five (38 per cent) of Brits would negatively judge someone who ate a burger with a knife and fork.

(72per cent of Brits eat a burger once a week. Number of adults in UK (52m) x number of adults eating one burger week = 2,724,973,888)