Beat Saber is one of VR's most stunning experiences
Beat Saber is one of VR's most stunning experiences

After getting to grips with the Oculus Quest and having a look through the countless virtual reality experiences available, we got the opportunity to check out one of the platform's most celebrated titles, Beat Saber! Yes, we're a little late to the party, but just because you missed the train doesn't mean you shouldn't ever get on it!

If you're familiar with the likes of Guitar Hero and so forth, the formula is going to be one you recognise. The only difference this time is that you're going to be using a pair of sabers - one red and one blue - to slash the respective coloured cubes fired towards you, all to the beat of the song playing. You'll also be tasked with dodging laser-type walls that come hurtling out of the ether, so get practicing your leaning technique!

It honestly couldn't be any simpler. The gameplay is basic, but revolutionary. You'll want to start off with the easier levels of course, so you can find your rhythm and level of play, before ramping up the difficulty and really putting your skills to the test. Though it can sometimes be frustrating if you can't keep up with the pace, it's always a heap of fun, and that's exactly the sort of thing VR game creators should be aiming for.

Not only that, but you'll feel like a warrior while you're taking part. Using sabers as your tools was a genius idea; it takes this from being just another musical swipe-to-the-rhythm game and turns it into an action-adventure. The 3D audio only amplifies that, completely enveloping you in your trippy new surroundings.

Along with the base tracks available, there are a whopping 59 add-ons which can bring even more tunes to the game, whether you want to put your skills to the test with some of Green Day's classics, or you're more of a Timbaland fan. There's something for everybody here.

Virtual reality is something, for me, that's supposed to be enjoyed in small doses. Play sessions of 30-60 minutes are ideal, and you may even find yourself shedding the pounds if you engage daily. There are a whole host of testimonies online about how those who formerly had no exercise regime started losing weight after playing Beat Saber, and it's not something you'd expect. You completely forget that you're moving around and putting the work in because, at its core, this is a video game. It's reminiscent of the magic we all felt when Nintendo released their Wii Fit Balance Board. Exercise shouldn't be this fun!

For those who are thinking about jumping into the world of VR, this is your perfect starting point. It's a guarantee that once you've enjoyed everything Beat Saber has to offer, you'll be completely sold.

Beat Saber is available on Oculus Quest, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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