There’s been a lot of news surrounding VR tech in 2021 when the Metaverse launch was announced, but things went downhill from then. This doesn’t mean the virtual reality isn’t a great thing instead, it means that Mark didn’t choose the right timing. Millions of people have a VR headset nowadays, and it’s become easier to buy it, but it still has a long way to go.

VR Games

VR Games

Many large companies are working on improving the gaming experience, and some of them are doing an amazing job. On some VR platforms, you can even find esports odds and casinos, which has never been done before. People are finding well-paid jobs that only require a headset and short training.

Resident Evil 7

If you haven’t played any Resident Evil expansion, it’s not a game that you should try first in VR. Virtual Reality is the best way to play horror games because the ambient and music are meant to scare you the most. So, once you are in the game and you feel like you are the main character, the whole experience of horror games will change for you.

For those that have played Resident Evil, this expansion is different because it’s in the first person. This has to be the case because it’s virtual reality, and you should feel like the main character. There are a few horror games worth mentioning, but Resident Evil 7 is among the top 3.

Beat Saber

There’s a big chance that you have seen this game somewhere on social media. Beat Saber is a music game where you will have two sabers like in Star Wars, and you will break cubes that are coming towards you with the rhythm. Almost every popular streamer on Twitch played this game as soon as VR became popular a few years ago.

Nowadays, you will rarely see streamers play the game, but it’s still one of the best in its genre. You can even work out while playing it because it’s very exhausting after a few songs. The great thing is that there are constantly new songs, even from popular games like League of Legends.


This is probably the best game if you want to have fun and play without any purpose. There are a lot of memes made because of Skyrim that is played on PC, but there’s also a VR version. The gameplay is the same, where you will encounter interesting NPCs with a few bugs. There is a questline so you can play the game as it should be played, but sometimes it’s more fun to wander around.


The oldest game on the list, Half-Life, has made its way to virtual reality, and they did an amazing job. The expansion is called Alyx, and some people think that it is the best VR experience for gamers. If you followed the Half-Life timeline, you should know that Alyx's storyline is five years before the second expansion ended.

This game is specially made for VR, and it’s triple-A so it is definitely worth getting. One of the best features it has is the interactive world around you. It may not be what the fans expected from the organization, but it’s a great expansion for VR.

Star Wars Squadrons

Even if it’s not meant for virtual reality, you are capable of connecting the game to your headset. There aren’t many space games that are worth trying, so it can be a great choice if you love outer space. The game starts in the cabin of your ship that you will be controlling throughout the space and into the war.

The feeling of being in a spaceship is definitely unique and something you should try out. It may not feel so great once you start spiraling in order to avoid enemies, but it can help you get better once you switch to a PC. Everything is done in your seat, so you can do it as well in order to be more comfortable.

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