Women have more entertainment options available to them today than ever before, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of embracing the same old experiences and never trying anything new.

Are you a modern day woman?

Are you a modern day woman?

To help you break the cycle, here are a few modern entertainment ideas that women can consider if they want something a bit different to do with their leisure time.

Online Gaming

The web provides a bevy of brilliant entertainment services, many of which are interactive, engaging and require a surprising amount of skill.

You could try out multiplayer shooters like Overwatch, sandbox sims like Minecraft, or look for games that let you test your mettle and win real cash, like playing poker on your smartphone.

If you prefer a more tactical experience, top titles like League of Legends are worth trying out. In terms of mobile play, there are a huge number of compelling options, many of which are free to download. Just remember to watch out for expensive in-app content that might not be essential.

Craft Classes

Crafting has made a major comeback in recent years, and it’s no longer limited in its appeal to older generations.

You can take up craft classes with friends, learn some useful skills and then apply them in your own time. From knitting and crocheting to screen printing and pottery, you’ll have loads of fun expressing your creative side while socialising with like-minded people.


There are a huge number of entertaining podcasts that women can get their teeth into at the moment, some of which are focused on female issues while others tackle a range of equally interesting topics in other areas.

The Guilty Feminist is a great example of the former, featuring comedians discussing modern feminism, their attempts to match their ideals with their actions, and the times they’ve fallen short.

If true crime is right up your alley but you’ve already binged on US favourites like Serial, why not try out All Killa No Filla? In each episode comedians Kiri Pritchard-McLean and Rachel Fairburn discuss a famous serial killer case, taking frequent and hilarious diversions to tell stories from their own lives.

If you’re bored during the daily commute or want something to listen to while you work out, a podcast is perfect. Check out the charts on iTunes for more inspiration.

Live Theatre

Seeing actors in the flesh, baring their souls on the stage, is an electrifying experience. And there are always great shows to take in, whether you decide to travel into London or catch a regional tour in your area.

If musicals are your bag, then recent arrivals like Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and the world-conquering Hamilton are well worth a watch, so long as you can snag a ticket.

If straight-up dramatic plays are more your speed, there’s even more choice. For traditional titles with a modern twist, the Royal Shakespeare Company is always a safe bet to deliver high quality productions, both in Stratford-upon-Avon and with London transfers at the Barbican. For contemporary creations, keep an eye on groundbreaking theatre companies like Cheek by Jowl and Headlong.


Working with your hands and nurturing something living is incredibly rewarding, as well as being a genuinely entertaining way to spend your time. Of course modern women may not have access to an actual garden, in which case there are a number of options for apartment dwellers.

House plants can be a joy to maintain, but a more modern and stylish choice is a terrarium. These have come back into fashion recently and while you can buy one ready-made, it’s better to start from scratch.

Let your imagination guide you and you’re sure to find entertainment in many unexpected areas!