Originally releasing at the end of December in 2019, but only in the region of South Korea, Lost Ark has become a polished and enjoyable experience since that time. So, when it launched worldwide earlier this month (February 2022), it quickly became one of the most-played games of all time.

The MMORPG is packed full of quests and things to do, but some are a little confused as to what they should spend their time doing when they reach Level 50. This guide explains some of the things you can prioritise when you reach 50, from questing to picking up a flash new mount…

8. Focus on World Quests

Whether or not you're invested in the story being told, you should focus on completing your World Quests up until you reach Vern Castle at the very least, before doing anything else. This opens up the game further so that more endgame opportunities are available to you.

7. Get your Awakening skill

Once you've reached Vern, keep an eye out for the quest called Thirst for Power. You'll have to go back to Trixion - which you can easily do by playing the Song of Trixion from your list of Sheet Music - where you can follow the quest chain to unlock your Awakening skill. This is an advantage worth having as early as possible, so make it a priority!

6. Do your Dailies and Weeklies

Once you've got your Awakening skill, you'll want to go and pick up your Dailies and Weeklies from Una's Tasks. There's a free choice of whichever you'd like to pick up from the list, so choose wisely and make sure to head back each day, so you're not missing out. Access the tasks by clicking Adventure on the bottom-right of your screen, also accessible by pressing Alt + J.

5. Dive into Chaos Dungeons

Three waves of strong enemies will test your skills in Chaos Dungeons and, once you've sliced, smacked or magicked your way through them, you'll face a final boss. Running Chaos Dungeons is a fun way to hone your rotation; you'll be able to do two each day but, if you miss one, you're given the chance to run four the day after.

4. Get yourself a Turtle Mount

You’ve likely spoken to the Luxury Vendor in one of the towns and seen the three Turtle Mounts on offer, but how exactly do you get your hands on the Jewel Coral needed to exchange for one? Once you’ve reached Level 50, set sail to Turtle Island, which is just between Annika and Tortoyk. Look for a turtle with a purple quest exclamation point near the entrance and follow the questline; once you've reached its conclusion, you'll find the Jewel Coral you're looking for.

3. Tackle any remaining Guide Quests

If you've been ignoring the mindless Guide Quests during your time in Lost Ark, then now's the best time to catch up. They don't take long to complete, offer up achievement rewards and, a healthy amount of resources. You'll also unlock Trade Skills and a Stronghold, so if you like fishing, mining and make a house a home, these are for you!

2. Increase your Item Level with Gear Honing

Those good old World Quests will eventually lead you to an area named Rohendel, but you won't be able to access it until your Item Level hits a minimum of 460. This is impossible if you're not honing your gear with Harmony Shards, Fragments and Leap Stones, so make sure to head to vendors in towns so you can use said materials to level up.

1. Tackle Abyss Dungeons

Going back to World Quests, once you reach one called To Anicent Elveria and complete it, you'll be able to take on the relentless weekly Abyss Dungeons. Difficulty goes sky-high, but the rewards match the risk. Party up with friends or find some new ones that are able to communicate, because you can't just mindlessly click your way through these ones.

Lost Ark is available to download for free on PC via Steam.

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