Credit: Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda

With more Fallout 4 Pip Boy stock arriving just in time for Christmas, we got our hands on one of the limited edition games to find out what all the fuss was about, and to get to grips with our very own real-life Pip Boy in the process.

As explained in my original Fallout 4 review, this game was my first venture into the world of the Wasteland, and I was incredibly impressed with the vast array of things to do, characters, landscapes and scenarios presented to the player. I was instantly aware of just why there was so much hype surrounding Bethesda's latest offering, so to be allowed to become an even bigger part of that with the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition was a blessing.

Before unpacking your Pip Boy, you'll want to find out whether or not your phone will fit the device. My iPhone 6+ for example would not play ball, so I had to use a Samsung model phone to really get the most out of my experience. It's worth noting that the Pip Boy phone app WILL work on an iPhone 6+, it just won't fit into the actual Pip Boy itself.

For both iOS and Android, the app allows you to check up on your character both when you're playing the game in real-time, and when you're offline taking a break from the perils and dangers of the Wasteland. Those who don't have entire weeks and hundreds of hours to immediately plough into the game will benefit from the app more than those who do, because it allows you to research and plan your next move without even turning on your console.

When you do get to playing though, and your Pip Boy is loaded up onto your wrist, it's a delight. Though heavy and likely to end up resting on your thigh 15 minutes into gameplay, it's a lot of fun to look down and deal with your inventory, weapon selection and more without having to open up your in-game Pip Boy. That being said, before an hour's gameplay is up you may want to take a break from having it weighing down on your wrist. It's not the most comfortable fashion accessory, but when you're battling through the Wasteland, is comfort really necessary?

Credit: Bethesda
Credit: Bethesda

Lookswise the Pip Boy is spot-on, exactly how it comes across in-game with all of the knobs and buttons to match. Unfortunately, twisting and turning them won't translate to anything on your screen, and you'll instead have to use your phone's touch screen to get things done.

The whole thing comes with a stand for those who want to show off their Pip Boy to fellow gaming buddies, and it's packaged in a gorgeous Vault 111 box.

For collectors and cosplayers it's a brilliant addition to the world of Fallout. For casual gamers and those new to the franchise, like myself, it'll provide some entertainment but ultimately, could probably find itself a better home.

Fallout 4 is out now, with Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition available from various outlets.

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