Now available for Nintendo Switch, Namco Museum brings a whole slew of addictive classics to the platform, a couple of which you may be playing for the first time. Whilst everybody’s played Pac-Man for example, Pac-Man Vs. is a different story entirely, after originally being a title that GameCube players could play with a Game Boy Advance link cable.

Also included here are Dig Dug, Galaga, Galaga ’88, Rolling Thunder, Rolling Thunder 2, Sky Kid, Splatterhouse, Tank Force and The Tower of Druaga, so whether or not you’re going to enjoy this collection of course depends entirely on whether you recognise these games from your past, and if you want to delve right back into the action.

What’s a little odd is to see the original versions of Rolling Thunder and Galaga alongside their superior sequels; it does feel like they’re being put there simply to fill a space, which is a shame as there are plenty of other Namco games that could have been included.

Despite that, there are some fantastic titles here such as Dig Dug which draws you in and saps hours from your day without you realising it and the expansive The Tower of Druaga that’s just begging to be explored. What you’ll play and what you’ll ignore all depends on your gaming preferences and style, but surely at least half of what’s on offer here will draw you in.

Whether you want to play in landscape or move your Switch so it’s sideways and you have a portrait screen to blast Galaga aliens and pick up Pac-Man dots, there’s plenty of customisation available so that you can have the best gaming experience based on your personal preferences.

Whilst it’s fun to have worldwide leaderboards available, until exploits and glitches are tackled and those with obviously inflated high scores are removed, they’re a little redundant.

Namco Museum is certainly a lot of fun for a weathered gamer like myself, but whether or not you should be willing to shell out on the price tag here comes down to personal taste. I’d say give it a punt; there’s every chance you’ll be addicted to many of the titles in just a matter of moments…

Namco Museum is available now from the Nintendo Switch digital store.

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