Many games have different endings and various ways of being played, and movies are beginning to pick up on this intensely fun way of telling a story.

Games such as Until Dawn and the Dark Pictures anthology series did very well to capture true horror as well as letting their players choose how their narrative plays out.

Netflix movie Bandersnatch from 2017 followed the pick-your-own-adventure trend, and did very well with users of the streaming service. Now, from the producers of The Complex and Five Dates, comes a new interactive thriller involving demons and supernatural thrills.

The completely live-action feature was shot remotely in Paris, London, Birmingham and Cardiff during lockdown. The crew used Blackmagic cameras and event recording technology to capture the eerie atmosphere the needed.

Night Book is an upcoming feature much like Bandersnatch, in which you make choices as the movie progresses. Directed by Alex Lightman, this new entry into the interactive film genre has a harrowing story that will make you think twice about reading ancient texts that don’t belong to you – if that’s something you usually do.

The plot follows Loralyn (Julie Dray) who works the night shift from her home, live intercepting video calls from English to French, then back again. Loralyn is pregnant and without her partner, as her fiancé is working away from home, and caring for her mentally ill father; she is tasked with keeping those she loves safe.

Colin Salmon in Night Book / Picture Credit: John Giwa-Amu
Colin Salmon in Night Book / Picture Credit: John Giwa-Amu

It seems that our main character is tricked into reading an age-old book, which summons demons into her otherwise simple life – but will she make it through the night?

Who will Loralyn be prepared to sacrifice in order to survive? Her baby? Her soon-to-be-husband? Her father? Or herself?

Night Book also stars Colin Salmon, who played James Shade in the first Resident Evil movie back in 2002. With at least some experience in the thriller/horror genre, Salmon should be able to pull off this unique and challenging role.

This movie was co-developed by the same company behind indie game Maid of Sker, which saw a man combat all sorts of evil to save the love of his life. As that game created a decent sense of fear and an ominous atmosphere, it seems that this upcoming feature will follow suit.

Night Book will be available on various platforms, such as Steam (PC or Mac), PS4, Xbox One, Switch and IOS; we can expect to see this standout playable feature on July 27th, 2021!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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