Is regular dating getting a little boring for you? Do you wish dating shows had a bit more oomph to them? Well, Netflix’s upcoming show Sexy Beasts is a series unlike anything you’ve ever seen before – we guarantee it.

Netflix is the lead in streaming entertainment, with over 208 million users and 190 countries able to enjoy the wide array of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and Netflix Originals.

Next month (July 2021), the popular service will be adding something totally new to its content. Sexy Beasts is a brand-new idea for dating, as those wanting to find themselves someone special will have to conceal their true identity, and let their personalities shine through.

Many dating series focus on blind dates, such as Channel 4 show First Dates, where two people meet up at a fancy London restaurant. Sexy Beasts is set to challenge the normal ideals of a blind date and turn its participants into members of the animal kingdom, among other things.

Cutting edge prosthetics will be taking the true appearances away from the men and women wanting to find true love; they will be transformed into things such as pandas, baboons, dolphins, lizards, the devil, a haggard old witch, a robot, and more.

A panda choosing between a buffalo, a robot, and an alien / Picture Credit: Netflix
A panda choosing between a buffalo, a robot, and an alien / Picture Credit: Netflix

This show will definitely be in the top 10 for most watched on Netflix within its debut week; whether you’re interested to see if a panda and a buffalo can fall in love, or if you simply want to see how this taboo idea will work, it’s a good guess that many people will be tuning in to check this one out.

From the trailer, it seems that one animal will go on one or two dates and, after going bowling with a panda or clay pigeon shooting with a leopard, will pick the beast whose personality shone through the most.

Then, it seems that their real faces will be revealed as we see shocked reactions and happy laughter; will our creatures find true love when the masks come off, or will they be donning the praying mantis mask once more to find the one for them?

This out-of-the-box series will be produced by Lion Television and have Simon Welton on board as executive producer. Each episode will be 30 minutes long, and the season will run for a total of six episodes.

Sexy Beasts will arrive on Netflix on July 21st 2021; will you be tuning in to find out if a leopard and a beaver can make it work?

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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