The gameplay trailer from developer WolfEye studios and publisher Devolver Digital has dropped, and it looks absolutely amazing.

Weird West is a new and upcoming RPG game that tells stories of five atypical characters, all of which you have control over. The trailer shows the strange world of the Weird West through the journeys of some very interesting heroes.

Discover a dark, eerie reimagining of the well-known genre of the Wild West. In Weird West, lawmen, gunslingers and fantastical and unique creatures share the same land, creating a different kind of adventure for players.

The game allows users to travel through the origin stories of five standout characters; the choices you make could write them into legend, or leave them unforgotten in the dust as you journey through the unforgiving land.

Every decision you make shapes the narrative set out in front of you; high stakes and challenging quests force you to make choices that could make or break your character’s legacy.

Players may take on the Weird West lands alone, or form a group of like-minded people to venture forward with; whichever way you decide to play, you will be met with many challenges and various enemies that will give you a run for your money.

Gameplay from Weird West / Picture Credit: Devolver Digital
Gameplay from Weird West / Picture Credit: Devolver Digital

The gameplay trailer released by Devolver Digital looks absolutely incredible; the art style seems to be the perfect choice for Weird West, as it has the look of a comic book, giving the game even more of a fantasy feel.

The narrator for the trailer states that the five main characters are “tied together” for a deep yet unknown purpose, giving the game a very high level of intrigue as players must travel the Weird West lands in order to find out what their destinies are.

We see magic, weapons, werewolves and much more in the trailer; each playable character appears to have different moves and weapons, and even special abilities.

Users will have the chance to play as all five amazing characters and see which one suits them best; and there is a high chance players will enjoy playing as all five.

Make each story unique to you, and make the choices that create the best possible playing experience in each adventure.

Weird West will be coming to PS4 as well as Xbox One, alongside PC this Autumn (2021)!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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