The 'Spider-Man' world will be "several times larger" than Sunset City.

Spider-Man game for PS4

Spider-Man game for PS4

Insomniac Games have teased fans to expect a huge playing area on the upcoming superhero title, and admitted it will be a lot bigger than the setting in the studio's 'Sunset Overdrive' game, which is exclusively for Xbox One.

In response to a fan tweet about whether the 'Spider-Man' map would be bigger than the one on 'Witcher 3', a reply on the Insomniac Games Twitter read: "That's not a comparison we can really make. It's several times larger than Sunset City was tho (sic)

The forthcoming title will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4 and while there is no confirmed release date yet, it is expected to drop at some point in 2018.

Sony first mentioned the project during last year's E3 2016 gaming convention, and they followed up with more information at the E4 2017 event.

The gaming giant concluded its presentation with an extended look at 'Spider-Man', giving fans a taste of the gargantuan city they will be able to explore in the game.

In the gameplay demo, Miles Morales, the latest fictional superhero to appear as Spider-Man in the comics, appeared very briefly, hinting he could make the full game.

What's more, Spider-Man was seen slinging his way through the New York streets and confronting gang members as he tends to do.