On February 20th this year (2022), Ubisoft shared an announcement with its fans regarding the 2022 Roadmap for their popular online game, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

The game has recently passed its 80 million player milestone, and it seems that Ubisoft has some amazing plans for the fans of the Tom Clancy series. 

Year Seven, Season One of the game is set to bring both a new map and Operative to the fray, giving players even more ways to play; users will also have access to a new game mode, Team Deathmatch. 

Within Year Six, Rainbow Six Siege revealed a total of four new Operators as well as reworks of maps and Operator balancing updates. In Year Seven, however, Ubisoft plans to continue their efforts to make this game a thrilling and entertaining experience for everyone. 

Take a look below for everything Ubisoft has planned for Rainbow Six Siege in 2022:

The 2022 Roadmap is packed full of exciting content / Picture Credit: Ubisoft
The 2022 Roadmap is packed full of exciting content / Picture Credit: Ubisoft

Year Seven Roadmap 

The first season within Year Seven, titled Demon Veil, will be welcoming Japanese Defender Azami, as well as an all-new Irish country club map, as well as a Team Deathmatch mode. 

Season Two will introduce a new Belgian Operator in addition to a unique Team Deathmatch map set, which will be set in Greece. 

The Third Season will see an Operator from Singapore enter the game, and they will be bringing a new competitive map with them. 

The last Operator to join Rainbow Six Siege will hail from Columbia. 

Player behaviour and reputation system 

Throughout the seventh year, the development (aka dev team) team will be working harder to address certain player behaviour to add to the anti-cheat efforts introduced last season. 

Season One will be improving detection of griefing and player disconnects; the following season will focus on players who misuse friendly fire; Season Three will allow players to address harassment via Match Replay; and Season Four will deploy rewards and sanctions to block repeat offenders. 

Year Seven Pass 

From now until March 21st, 2022, players will be able to buy the limited Year Pass or the Premium Year Pass. 

The Year Pass will unlock the four seasonal Battle Passes – which includes a 14-day early access to new Operators when they launch; however, the Premium Year Pass unlocks four Battle Passes, the early access to new Operators, exclusive Exotic weapon skins, VIP credits, and more. 

Players who purchase the Premium Year Pass will also unlock 20 extra Tiers out of 100, receiving rewards even faster. 

Other features and updates 

  • Those playing on consoles will receive many specialised updates this year, which includes aim control personalisation, new controller input presents, and field of view settings. 
  • Year Seven will add a Shooting Range to the game; playable spaces to practice, train, and experiment without the pressure of a match. 
  • Operator Tips allows players get to know each Operator, their gadgets, and any tips that might be helpful for Attacker or Defender strategies. 
  • The dev team will continue reworking several Operators this year, this includes Zero, Bandit, Dokkaebi, and Thatcher. 
  • Year Seven will add Team Deathmatch and Arcade permanently to the playlist, as well as revamping the Ranked experience to even better reflect a player’s progression. 

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available now. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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