The Prenatal Dance Workout DVD

The Prenatal Dance Workout DVD

Menina developed Prenatal Dance when she was mid-way through her pregnancy, after she stopped performing as a dancer.

She was looking for ways to continue exercising with her ever-growing figure and she tried many prenatal fitness and yoga videos on the market, none of which challenged or motivated her.

All she wanted to do was dance, so she used her dance expertise and developed her own dance workout not only for herself, but for other pregnant women. She credits Prenatal Dance to her wonderful pregnancy, easy all-natural birth, and quick recovery. 

Prenatal Dance will improve balance, flexibility, coordination, cardio and strength, as well as increase confidence and promote relaxation that will better prepare each woman for a healthy pregnancy and birth. 

Tell us about your new DVD, Prenatal Dance Workout.

Prenatal Dance is comprehensive full body dance workout includes a complete 7 part warm-up with toning exercises and stretches focusing on arms, core, hips, butt and legs. The workout progresses into as a series of 3 no impact sassy dance combinations, followed by a relaxing cool down that will help connect with the growing spirit inside the belly.

Why is dance a great workout for prenatal women?

Dance will improve balance, flexibility, coordination, cardio and strength, as well as increase energy levels. Dance can also help maintain a healthy weight, relieve stress, and promote relaxation that will better prepare each woman for a healthy pregnancy and birth

I credit dance for my healthy pregnancy, and easy labour. I danced until birth and was in the best shape of my life. As a result, I had a wonderful natural water home birth with a midwife. Prenatal Dance played a big part in my success.

When can women do this workout till – in terms of their pregnancy?

Women can do the workout at any stage of their pregnancy as long as they get approval from their physician. It's important to listen to your body and only do what feels comfortable. I danced all the way until birth and was in the best shape of my life. 

What other exercises would you recommend for during pregnancy?

I recommend other no impact workouts including walking, yoga & Pilates. 

What about after pregnancy when you’ve given birth?

Allow your body to rest and recover right after birth. As eager as you might be to start working out again and get your pre-pregnancy body back, your body needs time to heal. Take a few weeks to enjoy your baby until your physician gives you the OK to start being physically active again.

When you are ready to workout, start slow and gradually intensify your workout as you feel stronger. Remember your body has been working overtime for months carrying the baby, going through childbirth and then recovering. Take your time getting back into shape. Set realistic goals. 

In the first few weeks after birth, take long walks with your baby in a baby carrier. Carrying the extra weight is a great way to burn fat and improves cardio. It's also a great time to bond with your baby and get fresh air all at the same time. If can be tricky to leave your baby and go to the gym or take a group exercise class in the first few months. Working out at home is convenient for new moms. You can work out while your baby sleeps. Choose your favourite workout video, move your furniture, if you need to, and workout at home.

Turn playtime into workout time and incorporate your baby into your workout. Put your baby in a carrier or sling and doing squats or lunges is effective for toning the lower body. Do push ups while your baby is laying on the floor underneath you and kiss them every time you go down near their face. Babies love the face to face interaction. Sit on the floor in a seated straddle split and lay your baby in front of you. Reach forward as far as you can and play with your baby while you stretch your hips and legs. A little creativity can go a long way. 

How do you like to stay healthy?

As much as I love to dance to stay healthy, eating nutrient dense organic foods is even more important to me than exercise. Someone once told me "abs are made in the kitchen" and I fully agree. My body is a reflection of what I eat in conjunction with dance. I take a lot of pride in what I feed my body. I love to cook and prepare my own food at home. I go to the local farmers market every Saturday morning and pick my own organic produce. When I go to the grocery store, I choose all organic foods including organic free-range poultry, organic grass fed beef, wild seafood, organic raw dairy, sprouted grain breads etc. I eat a lot of good quality foods, and avoid processed foods especially refined sugars and flours. 

In addition to food, I also take supplements. My favourites are fermented cod liver oil for my teeth/bones and immune system, chlorella & red clay to detoxify the body and a raw food based prenatal multi-vitamins. 

I do not drink caffeinated drinks or no longer drink alcohol (with the exception of a glass of wine every once in a while). I do not consume pharmaceutical drugs, not even a simply Tylenol or Aspirin. I haven't touched any medication in over 3 years and feel better than ever. My fridge is my medicine cabinet. I choose a holistic approach to my health. 

What are your ultimate fitness tips?

My fitness tips are life tips...

- Eat a lot of whole organic foods

- Avoid processed foods, especially refined flours and sugars

- Exercise regularly

- Get plenty of sleep 

- Minimize stress (ie. meditation)

It's counterproductive to exercise and eat poorly, or vice versa. I believe the mind, body and spirit are all interconnected. A balanced life is the key to a healthy and happy life.

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