Family trauma, childhood abuse, workplace stress and failed relationships leaving people feeling demoralised, disheartened and undervalued are among some of the root causes which manifest itself into chronic back pain, according to Muscle Whisperer and Author, Sophia Kupse whose clients include actress Liv Tyler, Camilla Sacre-Dallerup and BBC Radio 2 presenter, Janey Lee Grace. 

Sophia Kupse

Sophia Kupse

According to Sophia, founder of ‘LT Therapy,’ anyone who suffers from back pain will always say it’s because of a physical reason, like sleeping funny or spending too long at the computer. They never think it’s due to their emotional state, but that’s primarily the real cause.

Whenever you get upset, angry or stressed you trigger two chemicals, adrenaline and cortisol, which are our ‘Fight or Flight’ response. If you don’t use the adrenaline rush immediately, you store it as lactic acid in the biggest muscle groups of the body, the neck, shoulders and back. As you continue to experience theses negative emotions, your muscles get tight and overtime, builds pressure around your sensory nerves, that work the muscle memory system leading to pain. 

Muscle memory is responsible for your balance, speech and movement, operated by millions of sensory nerves that lay under each muscle group and communicate with a part of the brain called the cerebellum. These same sensory nerves that run muscle memory, continually download your internal negative and positive conversations. Positive chatter releases good endorphins that heal the body, but 80% of people daily internalise negative talk leading to tight muscles.

For most people, when doctors cannot clearly see a reason for back pain, even after x-rays and scans with no trauma or diagnosis shown, the only solution offered is painkillers. Today, most people try to avoid this route and turn to Complimentary Medicine to seek an alternative answer.

There are many negative emotions that contribute to your physical pain, the top ten are:

  • Self-Sabotage – Never feeling good enough.
  • Anxiety – Worrying about the future.
  • Jealousy – Feeling someone else is always better off then you.
  • Anger- being let down, disappointed by others, blamed for what you did not do.
  • Sadness- Disappointed with how your life is currently.
  • Fear- A time to grow and develop, but your too afraid to change.
  • Criticism- criticised by others and your negative self-talk
  • Overwhelmed- Taking too much on, not being in control
  • Worthless-Didn’t live up to someone else’s expectations, not able to   define who you are.
  • Helpless- Not seeing how a problem can be fixed or improved based on old past beliefs.

These top ten negative emotions are not typically life-threatening; however, they trigger the release of higher than needed amounts of adrenaline, which convert into lactic acid and becomes stored in the body leading to pain.

‘LT Therapy’ is a unique treatment that uses a mapping system developed by Sophia that identifies why and where acute and chronic pain is held in the back muscles. Like in Reflexology, where the feet represent the physical body, in ‘LT Therapy’ the back represents the conscious and unconscious mind and it’s thinking pattern, through the muscle memory system. This ‘Mind’ Map of the back, allows Sophia to pinpoint from the who, what and why, back pain has been created. She then proceeds to reset and restore the muscle memory pathway, by applying a three-step process, exclusive to this treatment.  

Sophia says, ‘with LT Therapy my clients get to understand exactly what their mind, whether consciously or unconsciously, is continually referring to, as far back as childhood to the present day, that creates their physical pain.’ After the reset, clients are given simple proven steps to work through daily, that eventually leads to minimal or no pain again.

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